Chapter 1

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{Kaly's POV}     “Don’t stop… please… ugh…” I gasp out as Maddox slams into me as he holds me up against a tree. “I’m gonna… don’t stop… OH MY GOD!” I scream in ecstasy. A few more thrust and he pulls out and cums under me onto the tree bark.     “I will never get enough of you Kaly.” Maddox breathes heavily against my neck.     “Kalysta” I hear my mother yell. “Oh shit.” I whisper. Maddox lets me down and I pull my underwear and pants back on. “She will kill us if she finds us.” I whisper to him as he pulls up his pants.     “Kalysta Tru Flores! Where are you?” My mother shouts in her Luna tone. I smile at Maddox and kiss his cheek. “I have to go.” I run toward the pack house.  I knew Maddox would circle the other way and come in the front door.     I ran toward my mother. I stopped at the tree line and put my hands on my knees panting. “W-what is it? Is s-something wrong?” I say trying to catch my breath.     “Where have you been? You know your father told you not to go out alone.” She glares at me with her hands on her hips.     “Mom I have told you I don’t need a babysitter. I went for a run.” I say looking at her with a smirk. She rolls her eyes and walks inside. ‘who that was close.’ I really shouldn’t be sneaking off with Maddox, but I just can’t help it. He is so damn fine.     I walk into the pack house run up the stairs to my room and quickly jump in the shower. Most of the time we meet by the lake so we can wash off each other’s scent, but mom kind of put a damper on that today. Now I have to hide my clothes in the bottom of my dirty basket and wash my own clothes later. As I wash him off of me all I can think about is how I want him more.     He may be an omega, but he is a really hot one. He is 6’6” with dirty blonde hair. He keeps it nice and shaved on the bottom and shaggy curly on top. His hazel eyes are enough to make any girl swoon and his full lips are kissably soft. Match that with his tan skin and not overly built, but muscular body, and I can’t keep my hands to myself.     This has been going on for the past 6 months, since school started. Maddox and I are both seniors and our birthdays are a day apart. We will turn 18 at the end of this month. His birthday is the 27th and mine is the 28th and even tho my dad will hate it I hope he is my mate.     I’ve known him basically my whole life but didn’t get to really know him until this year. I have always found him super attractive but never talked to him. My best friends Sara the Beta’s daughter had a huge crush on my brother Jacob. He is 8 months older than me but because he started late, we are both Seniors.     As the future Alpha in a pack of mostly upper ranks with only daughters, he was tasked with finding himself a Beta and Gamma. Jacob had always been friends with Maddox and Garrett. I was positive they would be his Beta and Gamma. Garrett’s parents were warriors and Maddox’s grandma is an omega, head omega to be exact.     Jacob says that Garrett and Maddox would both make perfect ranked members by his side. He said they are the strongest fighters in training besides himself. His wolf Riez told him that they are his chosen friends. Whatever that means.     I step out of the shower and say a prayer to the mood goddess that Maddox is my mate. If he were to become the Beta or Gamma, I could be with him freely. My dad couldn’t say anything about it.     The day Maddox and I first really saw each other that way, we were in the library and I was thinking about all the times I have saw him and thought he was attractive. Smiling to myself, I look and realize he caught me looking and I blush, and he smirked.     I was actually appalled by his behavior and I walked over to him to slap him. How could he be so smug? He is an omega, and we don’t treat them badly, but they must show respect to ranked members. I swung my hand back, he caught it before it came in contact with his face. Using my arm he spun me around to where my back was pressed to his chest and he sniffed my neck.     Neither one of us had our wolves yet so I wasn’t sure what he was smelling but I didn’t care. I shouted at him ‘how dare he.’ He walked me further into the library stacks like that and spun me facing him and pushed me into the books and kissed me.     As soon as his lips were on mine, I felt as if I were floating. I let out a small moan and wrapped my hands around his neck. I don’t know what the mate pull will feel like but at that moment I felt like he was the one.     His hands began to roam my body and soon his hand was under my skirt rubbing a very sensitive body part through my panties. I pushed him away knowing if I didn’t stop him, we would end up f*****g right there in the library.    He frowned, I looked at him and smiled and told him to meet by the lake at midnight that night. I kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the library and went straight home. I needed to prepare; I was giving myself to Maddox that night.     Most girls wait until they meet their mate, but something told me I wanted this. I felt it in every fiber of my being. If he isn’t my mate, well my mate will just have to deal with the fact I won’t be a virgin.     I hop out of the shower and grab some black leggings, my purple tank top, and my oversized green sweater. I through my hair in a messy bun and head for the stairs. As I run down the stairs, I see a familiar face, I see Maddox standing with Jacob and Garrett outside of the downstairs office.     I smile and walk past them. I need to go shopping for Sara’s birthday and see if Jacob maybe wants to go with. I turn back to the guys, “Jacob do you wanna drive me to the mall to get a gift for Sara? Her birthday is the 10th and that falls on Beseech day.” I say wiggling my eyebrows at him.     Beseech day is a pack tradition on the 10th day of February any male can ask any female to be his Valentine. If the female excepts, they will make plans for a date on     Valentine’s day. Most are couples in high school or our parents in the pack who are mated, but it can also be unmated wolves throughout the pack.     Jacob looks at me like I have found out his secret. “Why would I do that?” He asks me clearly shocked. His reaction tells me all I need to know. See he turn 18 on the 10th of June so he could possibly know who his mate is. And the way he has been staring at Sara when she isn’t looking makes me wonder.     “I really just need a ride. But I have seen you eyeing her. I just assumed you wanted to ask her.” I shrugged. “Sorry if I got it wrong.” Jacob visibly relaxed and that just solidifies my suspicions.     “I guess I could take you. You guys want to go?” Jacob asked the guys. Garrett and Maddox look at each other and nod. “I have to get a gift for Beseech day anyway.” Garrett smiled. “Really who’s the lucky lady?” I elbow him. “Just a girl I like.” He smiles rubbing the back of his neck.     “I need to get one too.” Maddox says and my face falls a little. When he sees this, he gives me a sly wink. I nod so that no one notices and turn to head out the door with the boys following. Right then Sara walks in and smiles at us.     “Hey guys where ya headed?” Sara asked us. “Going to the mall.” I shrug. “Oh can I come please? I need to get a dress for my party.” She whined. “I was going to get your gift.” I pout. “I swear I won’t peek.” She whines again and gives her best puppy dog eyes. “Fine.” I shake my head with a laugh, and she squeals.     We walk out to Jacob’s jeep and climb in. I let Garrett sit in the front and I was in the back in the middle between Maddox and Sara. I grabbed Maddox’s arm and intertwined mine with his. No one suspects anything about this because the five of us have become super close over the last few months.     We pull up at the mall and we walk in. “Maddox will you come with me? Jacob and Garrett keep Sara away from me until I get her gift.” Jacob and Garrett nod and agree. Maddox and I begin walking to Forever 21.     “What are you going to get her?” Maddox asks rubbing his body against mine trying to move past me. There was plenty of room I knew what he was doing. “Thinking a cute summer dress.” I say putting my hand behind me as he passed back by. My hand brushes his stiff member, and he moans.     He leans over my shoulder and kisses the spot that my mate will mark me, hopefully where he will mark me. “Maddox people could see us.” I remind him and he backs up. I wink and walk to the back of the store. “Excuse me miss is there a bathroom?” I ask the sales lady. “Yes, through the back door there.” She said pointing over her shoulder.     I turn to Maddox and wink knowing he heard what I asked. 5 minutes later the door to the bathroom opens and I hear it lock. I step out of the stall to see Maddox smirking. “Make this quick, baby.” I say jumping into his arms.     10 mind blowing minutes later I walk out and back to racks of clothes. After finding a pretty peach colored strappy sundress I see Maddox walking my way. “Find anything you like?” He smirks. “Yes.” I smile holding up the dress. “I think you should get one too. There is a lot I can do to you in that dress.” He says running his hand down my back and grabbing my ass.     I walk away to the counter. ‘Why can we never get enough of each other?’ I smile back at him and he winks. ‘Please let him be my mate.’ I smile at the sales lady at the counter. She rings up the total and I pay. I turn around and run into Maddox. He steps out of my way and lays the same dress I just bought for Sara only in yellow on the counter.     The sales lady smiles brightly at him and touches his hand to take the dress. “Is this all? Or do you need help finding something else?” She shyly smiles. “This is all. It’s for my girlfriend.” Maddox says pointing back at me. I plaster on a fake smile, when really, I want to rip that bitches throat out.     We walk out and he puts my dress in the same bag and takes it from me. He holds his arm out and I slide my hand in his elbow. We walk for a little bit and we see Garrett, Sara, and Jacob.  “Hey guys I got my gift for Sara.” I smile brightly at Sara knowing she will want to see it, but won’t until her birthday. “You guys can go get your stuff now.” I take Sara’s arm as the boys walk away.     “You guys did it somewhere, didn’t you?” Sara asks as we walk into Old Navy. “What?!” I feign shock. Sara is the only one who knows about me and Maddox. He doesn’t even know she knows. “Yeah, I just can’t get enough of him.” I shrug. “I don’t know what I’ll do if he’s not my mate.” I pout. Sara laughs and holds up a sweater dress. “What do you think?” I give her a thumbs up.     Sara buys a few things and I buy a new sweater. I just remembered as we were walking out of the store that Maddox still has my other bag. We walk out in time to find the boys coming out of Kay Jewelers. I arch my eyebrow at them. Maddox takes Sara and my bags.     “So do you guys want to get lunch before we head back?” I ask with a big smile rubbing my belly. They all laugh at me but agree. We head to Peggy’s. It’s our favorite diner in town. We love the look and feel of the boxcar diner. We go in and head to our favorite table in the corner. Peggy’s has a fifty’s theme and an old jukebox we like to play songs on.     The waitress comes and takes our order. Jacob orders for all of us. We all always get the same thing. Cheeseburger and fries, waters, and 3 chocolate shakes and 2 strawberry shakes. She walks away to place our order and get our waters.     “So is everyone excited for Beseech day?” Sara asks throwing everyone off guard. We all look at each other and smile. “Who isn’t?” I smile at her and look around the table. “I’m not.” Garrett speaks up and we all look at him.     “What do you mean man?” Jacob asks slapping him on the back. “I thought you had a whole plan.” He questioned with a smile. “Man I thought I did, but now I’m scared she will say no.” Garrett hung his head.     “Who is the girl?” I ask Garrett curiously. None of us have ever seen him interested in anyone. “She’s a Junior and her name is Lylah. She’s the head Warrior’s daughter and she is drop dead gorgeous.” He sighs. “Also I think she might be my mate.” He looks down at his hands on the table.     “What?!” We all say in unison. “You think she is your mate?” Jacob asks. “You didn’t tell me that.” He looks at all of us for some kind of wisdom. “Look if she is than she will be lucky to have you. You’re a great guy Garrett.” I reach out for his hand and he looks up at me. “You think so, Kaly.” He smiles. “I know so.”     Our waitress walks over with our food and we all start eating and talking about Lylah and how to approach Beseech day. We come up with a plan of attack and we will execute it together. We are all friends, and we will help each other no matter what.     When we get back to the house, I walk upstairs, and I pass my mom in the hallway. “Kalysta Tru” She screeches. “Why do you smell of a male wolf?” I roll my eyes at her.     “Mom… Jacob, Garrett, Maddox, Sara and I all went shopping together in Jacob’s jeep. The back seat is kind of tight for three people. I sat next to Maddox. Plus he helped me shop for Sara while Jacob and Garrett kept Sara busy. I’m sure it’s him you smell.” c*****g my head to the side and looking at her with annoyance.     “He is one of my very dear friends. This isn’t the first time I’ve smelled like him or Garrett and it won’t be the last.” I smirk at her. “Kalysta if you are sleeping with someone before you have a mate, your father and I will banish you.” She stares at me with a cold expression. “Jeez mom calm down ain’t nobody fucking.” I yell.     Mom stumbles back looking shocked at what just came out of my mouth. “Kalysta if I ever hear words like that fall out of your mouth again, I will take you to the dungeons and whip you myself.” She yells and spins and walks away. ‘Goddess help me that woman tries to play so innocent.’ I say to myself with a laugh.     I walk into my room and go to my closet and pull out some gift boxes and wrap up Sara’s dress. ‘I hope she loves it.’ I look at the yellow dress and slip off my sweater and tank top and put it on. I shimmy out of my leggings and look at myself in the full-length mirror.     I do a spin and decide to take a picture and send it to Maddox. Immediately I get a text back saying he “LOVES” the dress on me and he can’t wait to slide up under it. I lay back on my bed and I pull the dress up enough to show my panties and slip my hand in them. I snap a pic and send that to him.     I smirk as he sends back a picture of his manhood and I know beyond anything else that I want that d**k to be mine for the rest of my life. I stand and put my other clothes back on and hang up the dress and go downstairs to the rec room where I know everyone is.     I walk down the stairs seeing the bathroom outside the rec room is closed. ‘Bet Maddox is still in there finishing business.’ I smile to myself. I walk into the rec room and see something that hurts more than anything I thought could. Trinity in Maddox’s lap.
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