I need you

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Chapter 2: Talon's POV At some point, Willow had stood and wrapped her fingers around my neck pulling me up to face her. She crashed her lips against mine without warning, clacking our teeth in the process. I didn't even have enough time to react before she slipped her tongue between my lips, exploring my mouth. That was all the encouragement I needed. Without processing what was happening, I slipped my arms around her waist, holding her body close as I returned her kisses. The kiss was filled with passion, igniting a fire of need deep within my stomach that I needed my mate to put out together with me. There was tongue and teeth and it was oh-so-overwhelming that I let her take control, which was something I didn't often let her do as a Lycan. "I need you…" Willow's voice was breathless in my ear, making me lose my senses for a good second. I lifted her off her feet, groaning as my erection pressed into her still-clothed abdomen, and started to walk us toward the edge of the bed. Our bodies became even closer as she tightly wrapped her legs around my waist, her lips moving to my neck where she sucked and assaulted the skin there as I tried to focus on our destination. Willow moaned loudly as I dropped her on the bed, and then walked to the door to shut and lock it. When I turned back around, she was looking up at me, her eyes completely hopeless. I grinned as I walked slowly, climbing unto the bed and straddling her waist. I leaned forward to kiss her again but stopped just before our lips met. "Can I kiss you?" I asked just to tease her. Of course, I knew I could kiss her, she was mine after all. "What?" She whispered dumbfounded. "I said... can I kiss you?" I repeated smirking. I could see the wheels turning in her head, trying to make sense of what I was doing. "Stop teasing." She mumbled desperately, trying to pull me down to her but to no avail. "Please." She whimpered breathlessly. Another smirk made its way to my face as I finally leaned down to kiss her, immediately sliding a hand up the front of Willow's shirt and slowly grazing her right n****e. She whimpered into my mouth, becoming completely submissive and I pushed my c**k against her thighs through her pants, making her squirm. I took her now hard n****e between my thumb and forefinger, gently rolling the bud between my fingers as she pulled away from my mouth to moan loudly. "N-no teasing, Talon p-please!" She demanded, earning a chuckle from me. "What makes you think you're in charge, hmm?" I teased, peppering kisses around her neck, getting dangerously close to her mating bite. She let out a long whimper and gripped my arms as I dropped my hips and ground against hers for a very short while. "Take off your shirt." "Take it off for me," Willow retorted. Her eyes were clenched shut and her head thrown back in bliss. I let out an animalistic growl, biting into her neck and sucking as I kneaded her breasts roughly drawing a surprised yelp from her. "Oh f**k!" She whispered, running her hands through my hair. "Take it off Willow. Don't make me punish you." I growled against her ear, pinching her hard pink n****e between my fingers. This time, she didn't hesitate as she started to take off the piece of clothing covering her torso, exposing her plump breasts that were waiting for my attention. "There okay? There, it's off," she cried out. I carded my fingers through her long blond hair, my clothed erection now pressing into her bare stomach. "You do as I say when I say it. Or I'm going to get up and leave you here. Wet and desperate." It shouldn't have had the effect it did, but Willow's body shook against mine and she moaned loudly. "Do you understand me, Willow?" There was no response as willow seemed to be trying to get some sort of friction by rolling her hips up against mine. "Stop that!" I growled causing her to whimper desperately. "Do you understand me?" "Yes... gods, yes I do. Please take me, my king. Make me yours!" She sounded so breathless and sexy that I had to close my eyes and breathe hard to stop myself from releasing my sperm right then and there. This was just icing on the cake and to reward her, I took off her jeans and moved my mouth to the front of her black lace panties. She was suspiciously quiet and I didn't like that. I looked up and caught her with her lips pulled between her teeth, keeping her mouth shut and holding back all of the noise that I so desperately wanted to hear. "Stop biting your lips," I ordered. "If something feels good, I want you to tell me." Another desperate whimper left my mate's lips. "Answer me, Willow." "Yes Talon," She said quickly, and then moaned as I slowly removed the last of her clothing, leaving her completely bare. I wasted no time as I dove right between her thighs and buried my tongue between her wet folds. "f**k!" she cursed as a steady stream of pleasured noises left her swollen pink lips. When I opened my eyes to peer up at Willow, her eyes were clenched shut tightly. "Look at me, my love," I demanded, and she cried out and forced her eyes open, looking down at where my mouth was attached to her sensitive folds. "Oh yes," Willow gasped as I continued my ministrations on her slicked womanhood, circling my tongue around her overly sensitive clit, causing her to mewl loudly. "f**k me." I pulled off of her quickly and she whimpered but didn't back down. "Gods, Talon, I need you to f**k me. Please." "Tell me exactly what you want me to do to you." This seemed to be a challenge for Willow, but she tried her best. "I want you to... to kiss me, and then take me hard until I c*m on only your co—" I didn't need to let her finish. An animalistic instinct took over me as I grabbed her roughly by the waist and dragged her lower half towards me. "Your wish is my command," I growled into her ear. My inner wolf wanted so desperately to mark and claim our mate all over again. Without further ado, I rid myself of my constricting pants, along with my underwear, freeing my erection from its constraints, and positioned myself in front of her entrance. "You ready?" I asked pressing a chaste kiss to her lips. "Yes please... yes." Willow moaned not breaking eye contact. In one unrestrained movement, I thrust into my mate. Her body jerked with force as she let out a loud cry. I didn't let her recover as I pulled out completely, thrusting straight back into the hilt, my hips slapping against hers again and again and again. It didn't matter how many times we did this, the feeling of being inside her was still as mind-blowing as it was back then. She was so f*****g tight and warm and every time I would slam into her and hit that spot that only I knew how to find, she would let out sounds that we were nothing if not downright sinful. Willow's thighs were red with how hard I was gripping them, and I was sure that in the morning, there would be five finger-shaped bruises on each leg. "Talon... oh gods, yes," Willow moaned, like a twisted prayer that only made me groan, letting go of her reddened thighs to lean over her, hands fisting her hair to pull her mouth to mine. She cried out into my mouth, her own hand clawing and scratching, tugging my hair and anything she could grab onto. She kept crying out my name, seemingly unable to form any other coherent thoughts. Her walls began to clench in a way that I knew meant that she was close. "Are you cumin’ my love?" I panted. Willow was unable to answer with anything more than a squeeze of my biceps. Her mouth hung open, her breath uneven and erratic as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. "No, babe, look at me," I groaned huskily as I delivered a particularly hard thrust into her, no doubt hitting her sweet spot as she moaned loudly, digging her nails into my arms. "Let me see you when you c*m. I want to see you," I whimpered, getting closer to the edge myself. My hands turned her face to look at me. Gods! She was so f*****g beautiful… "f**k, f**k, Talon I'm cumin’... I-I'm cumin’!" Willow cried out, her back arching as she came. Slick traveled down her folds staining the mattress below as I continued to ram hard into her, chasing my own orgasm. Seeing Willow's face contort with such ecstasy was what tipped me over the edge. My mind went blank as I came, spilling my seed inside of her. She was the woman that I loved with everything I had.
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