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This is a placeholder for Petra's story. You voted, and the pink cloud of joy gets her own journey. It will be full of twists you do not expect, and if you think Petra has already reached her happy ending... the first chapter will shock you. But fear not, I only write HEA. Ash is still the male lead, though, and I am actually very excited about their story. You can find all the latest news about upcoming books in my group, Marissa Gilbert's Reading Circle, where I also share visuals for my books. The Divine Wolves: Book 1: The Perfect Luna Book 2: The Luna Trials Book 3: The Alpha God's Luna TBA: Elene's Story Petra's Story Naya's Story (a novella) Dany's Story (Roxy's daughter) Callista's Story (Savvy and Kai's daughter) All dates will be announced in due time, and the placeholders are published in no particular order. You are free to express which book you would like to read first, and I will take this into consideration. The covers are temporary, and I will change them when I am close to starting each story. So, what do you think? Are we excited about Petra's book? Will you give it a chance?
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