Bishop Family Tree

83 Words
The four original Bishops and their families: Organized in the order the series released. Kids are also organized by oldest in each family. Alex & River (from Taming Him) Riley (Hitching the Cowboy) Rowan (Catching the Cowboy) Evan & Emily (from Needing Him) Elizabeth (Bossing the Cowboy) Ethan (Kissing the Cowboy) John & Mila (from Chasing Him) Maize (Wrangling the Cowboy) Mackenzie (Winning the Cowboy) Jackson & Kiera (from Keeping Him) Kane & Knox (Claiming the Cowboy & Tempting the Cowboy) Kaitlyn (Seducing the Cowboy) For reference: Riley (the oldest of the kids) is 6.5 years older than Kaitlyn Bishop (the youngest of the kids).
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