The Princess Alpha And Her Enemy Mate (Season 1 Ep 2)

566 Words
THE NEW BOY What is he doing here Roni" "How would I know Max" *Alexander sits next to Veronica* "Why are you here Xander" "Xander, is that my new nickname"? "yeah who name's their kid with such a long name"? "Well I'm here to take back what was ours" "What are you talking about" "you'll know soon Roni trust me" "Ugh" *Lunch Time* "That guy is the worst" Amy: "Tell me about it Max: " I mean what did you expect" random girl: "Omg what is that" Veronica: "It's the Rivals, what are they doing here"! *School alarm goes off ?* *people running* Principal: "Everyone stay inside come with me to the school's basement everyone" Amy: "Roni where are you going"? "They want a fight, let's give it to them"! *Veronica turns into wolf mode and runs outside and so does Max and Amy* King Rival (Alexander dad) "awww the princess came out to play" *Veronica whispering* "well now we know what Alexander was talking about guys does nobody know he is apart from the Rivals" "Remember he could wipe people memories" "oh shoot" "Veronica, Veronica as you know Alexander now attends your school, If you tell anyone about him there will be consequences for you and your family" "Leave my family out of this you phsyco" "DONT SAY A WORD TO THE PRINCIPAL understood" *drains Veronica werewolf power* "fine!" *Veronica faints and the Rivals leave* Max: "Roni"! *At Veronica's house* "Mom I can explain" "You saw everyone running to the basement why didn't you follow, what if you died"! *mocking her mother* "Don't you dare mock me, wait till your dad hears about this, if you want to become The Princess Alpha you have to be responsible" "But I was being responsible by stepping up and going to fight for my pack" "This conversation is over" *The Next Day* "Guys do you know what I feel like doing" Amy: "What"? "disguising as a new girl and going to the Rivals side" Max: "What, you've had crazy ideas but this is a no"! "Come on don't be such a party pooper,booo" "Max is right Roni I'm sorry" "Well I guess I'm going alone" *At the Rivals side of town* "Omg d**g dealers,smokers this place is the best"! "hi I'm Alexander" "oh uh hi I'm Vina nice to meet you" "You too, you look familiar..." "haha very funny" "you have very pretty eyes?" "uhh thanks"? "want me to show you around, I don't do this much but your really hot so" "uhh sure" *after the tour* "want a cigarette Vina" "oh hell yeah, I mean no thanks hehe" "you look" "ummm ?" *they kiss* *the next day* "Gosh where am I" "In my room" "Alexander,what happened"? "We made out and then went out and drink,smoked and then you blacked out" "Omg so you mean I stayed with you whole night and slept here" "yes" "my parents are gonna kill me I gotta go" "Okay bye Vina" *At school* "Guys"! Amy:"Where were you are you okay"? "yeah the craziest thing happened" Max: "Omg girl tell us" "remember when I went to the rival side disguised, well I met Alexander and he didn't even recognize me and we made out and I blacked out and slept in his bed"! Amy: "Omg girly" Max:"Wow" "The scariest part is I don't know what to tell my parents" To Be Continued...
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