Chapter 2

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~ATTICUS~ I should have been with Anya at this time. Instead, I'm stuck with Damon and Dante. I'm beginning to think that they did this on purpose. Bringing me along with them so I would miss my date with her. I knew that those asses wanted her to themselves just like I wanted her for myself. I've never felt this way for another woman. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one that felt this way; my brothers did as well. They were just as crazy about her as I was. That was expected since she was our mate. There was no breaking that bond unless two out of the three of us decided to make that sacrifice. So far, none of us were willing to let go of her. "Where exactly are we heading?" I ask Damon. "This route looks familiar." "To meet an old friend," he answers. "There is something important he wants to ask us." "An old friend?" I question. "Who can that be?" "Arthur Blackner." He informs me. "Are we in some kind of trouble?" I ask. "Why are we going to see a Blackner? What could be so urgent? Couldn't our parents meet with them instead?" "This meeting doesn't concern our parents, Atticus," Dante explains. "It concerns us three and our relationship with a certain someone." "Anya?" I question. "Bingo." He says. What could be so important that we must travel far to see him? "I didn't have to be here." I point out. "You're sabotaging my date with Anya, and you know it." "Are we?" Dante asks. "Why would we do something like that on purpose?" I don't get to answer that question when the jeep stops on the side of the road. I spot Arthur almost immediately. The man looks troubled. He isn't alone. He's with two other women. "Is it possible he has two mates like Anya has the three of us?" I ask, looking at them. That would explain why they brought me all the way here with them. Maybe they found a way to make it work. And they could probably teach their ways to us. We got out of the vehicle, and Arthur introduced us to the women that came with him. "Nice to meet you, ladies," Damon said as he shook their hands. "It's a pleasure." I nod my head slightly. "What did you call us here for?" Dante asks. "I think I have an idea, but I want a proper explanation." "At first, we thought it was your father hoping to do another business deal. There are a few things at home we wanted him to install." Damon notes. "But that's not why we're here, is it? The last I heard, you and your father are no longer allies." Arthur sighs, "I've heard something that I wasn't sure was true. But if it is, I hope you can help shed some light on a similar situation." A similar situation? I look at my brothers. So our assumption was correct? "What did you hear?" I ask. "I've heard that the three of you have the same mate," Arthur explains. I wipe a finger over my bottom lip and quirk a brow, "it's true. But how can that information help you?" His mention of Anya intensifies the tension between us. We still haven't gotten used to having to share her amongst the three of us. Talking about it didn't help. "Are these two women your mates?" Damon asks, searching for an answer. Both women look disgusted by his question, "of course not." One of them snaps. "Only Gabriella is his mate. No one else." "And it will stay that way for the rest of our lives," Gabriella adds; there is no mistaking the threat in her voice. "It's concerning her." Arthur nods in the girl's direction. "I'm sure you've heard of Kane, Alpha Eric's son. I believe that she could be his mate, but the problem is that he's already bonded with another woman. I wanted to know if this could happen." "While we all have the same mate. None of us have marked her. We're not sure what will happen if one out of the three of us marks her. It's why we haven't done it. I'm not sure if this means that after marking your mate, it's possible to find another. All I can confirm is that you can have more than one mate. It's possible. It's not f*****g easy; sharing never is. But it's possible." I try to explain. "Atticus," Dante says my name in an alarmed grumble. "I think you should look at this." He hands the phone to me, and I freeze. It's an article; the headline is written in bold letters, 'Atticus Fawn to wed Autumn Rivera.' "What is this f*****g article about?" I demand from Dante. "Mother and father did not mention anything to me about marrying a woman. And Autumn Rivera? Have they lost their minds?" Autumn was my mate's best friend. They were always spending time together, and there was something about the girl that made me feel—something. I can't put my finger on it. Whatever it was, I didn't like it. Not even a little. "Didn't mother tell you that there would be an important business deal with the Riveras tonight? She asked that you come home early for the announcement. I'm guessing this is what she was referring to." Damon explains as he takes another look at the article. He looks like he's reading the entire thing trying to figure out what was happening. "This can't be f*****g true." I snap. My hands are shaking with rage. "I won't marry another woman other than my mate. Mother should know this! How could she do this without informing me first?" "Let's just stay calm," Damon says. "Maybe this article is false. They're always posting false information about our lives. Let's all take a deep breath and get home to hear what our parents say about this." I don't waste any time. I was already jumping into the jeep and waiting for my brothers as they said goodbye to Arthur. I'm driving this time. I'm letting the jeep go as fast as it possibly could. I had to find out if anything in that article was accurate. And if it were, I would find a way to stop it.
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