Episode one-A stranger's arms

1728 Words
/Kira’s POV/ “Make sure you kill me off properly, be sure I’m dead Sir, if by chance I live...even without my limbs…I’ll make sure you regret ever stepping into this world” Those were my last words before my throat was slit by my superior, I remember it vividly, the piercing green eyes of my superior clad in his naval uniform, the head of the secret agents' division in the CIA, an agency founded by them named the NSA…I trusted him, I believed in him, but he stood in front of him, hands in his pockets, watching as they slit my throat because of a missing highly classified file recovered by a spy positioned by the agency in Brazil, the redlist. I still remember it all, and it’s quite surprising when I gasped out from my sleep waking up in the arms of a strange man, okay what’s going on? I thought instantly shooting up from the bed, f**k…I’m naked, can anyone please tell me what the f**k is going on here? I thought, my head rotating swiftly on my neck trying to study my environment at once. The first shock, I got arms…I do remember my arms being cut off during the second torture session with the chief, what’s going on? I was still very confused, I flipped over the heavy covers covering my lower half, and the second shock revealed itself, I’ve got legs…how surprising. While I was being tortured to reveal the location of the highly classified document I was entrusted to, I got 10 days max, the first two days, l lost both my wrist, then my arms, then my feet, then my legs, thighs…they still ensured I’m being kept alive during this inhumane torture, and on the last day, when I was left with nothing more than my head on my neck and stomach, my head was cut off. Damn it! The pain was out of this world, I actually stopped feeling the pain at some point, recalling my limbs being severed from me brought tears to my eyes but why do I still have my legs and…It looks like I’ve gotten really fairer, I used to have very tan skin because of the vigorous training in the high scorching sun back at the agency, I was an sss rank secret agent, one of the five top rankers after we completed our training but in the end, I was killed by my superiors whom I took orders from. Now that I’m looking at it, the room is exceptionally breathtaking, the theme was a mixture of white and gold, and the dazzling effect the gold environment was creating was enough to blind my eyes, every single piece of furniture in the room had gold on them, even the decorations…I mean the white vase seated on the golden stool at the door, obviously for decoration had a floral painting in gold. The exquisite and lavish look of the room made it seem like the penthouse of a five-star hotel but the view from the window and the setting of the room made me guess it was just an extravagant room in a luxurious mansion. My foot touched something warm on the floor and I slowly picked it, it was a nightdress, I took it off the floor and slipped it on while I continue exploring the room, wait a minute I forgot about the hot dude on the bed, his face was half-buried into the pillow with his arm covering most of it, he had such a bulky figure, his back…damn, he’s hot, the sheets left his back bare but his lower body covered, what a shame, would have gotten a nice view, did I slept with this dude last night? I was still pretty much confused about what was going on, as an agent, I barely have any time to have fun, I don’t really remember being in a guy’s arms. Suddenly my head hurt, and I felt like I was hungover, did I by any chance drink the previous night? Except for being killed I have no other memories whatsoever, why do I also feel sore between my legs, I grunted in discomfort before heading to the bathroom. “Holy molly” I exclaimed covering my mouth in shock. The size of the bathroom is massive, is this even a bathroom or a f*****g sauna? My eyes widened as I walked past the wide jacuzzi-like bathtub to the large glass windows, hold on a second, is that my reflection? I raced towards the mirror trying to confirm if the lean average height lady with champagne gold hair. I had sleek straight black hair I always put into a high ponytail during missions, this is a face…it looks like a heart-shaped face rather than my diamond one. Damn it I’m going crazy, this isn’t me, I was certain of it. Then a thunderous headache struck…Images flashed before my eyes, looks like memory fragments, all of which don’t belong to me, what the hell? My head felt so heavy and my vision so blurry, even the image of the naked man making his way into the bathroom, I just really hope it was not a pervert. I ended up collapsing on the floor. I woke up feeling light-headed, which is great…I felt much better but…I felt like I’ve synced the memory of the body I’m in with mine, I was suddenly sure I reincarnated into this body, what a crazy phenomenon, I always thought it was just some crazy stuff in the comics I read, and now that it’s happening to me, I don’t even know how to react. I groaned and shifted uncomfortably in my bed but was forced up by the sudden slamming of the door. “What the f**k do you think you’re doing?” A cold domineering voice had me flinching. The guy standing in front of me was very familiar to the person I am now, Toffee hair, crow haircut straightened back, long nose bridge…Allen Maxwell, the only heir and son of William Maxwell who was long dead, he’s 32 years old and also the Fiance of my new body, not exactly fiance…my new identity, I’m Eleanor Walker, daughter of Emmett Walker, who is the owner of the biggest co-operation in New Orleans, he started out as an investor and now, he’s worth billions. This girl is really lucky, with a billionaire father and a billionaire Fiance but from the memories, Eleanor seems to be suffering from unrequited love, she’s been in love with Allen since high school and the dude rejected her again and again, Eleanor was ready to kill herself, so her father who was more influential than Allen because he wasn’t just into business, he was also a politician, forced Allen into marrying his daughter which is now me, but Allen hated Eleanor for manipulating him, even the previous night…was something Eleanor had planned, she drugged Alex which led to them having s*x, the girl is really a desperate b***h, she’s a very pampered daughter by her father because she looked so much like her late mother, she was the apple of her father’s eyes so she easily manipulated her father into forcing Allen to a corner, the dude probably hates her to death right now. “Isn’t this what you always wanted, you’ve almost got it…so stop being a spoiled brat and get dressed, it’s our wedding day after all” The cold shrilling tone the tall extremely hot guy had talked to me with, made him seem really cold and rude and also, what the f**k did he mean wedding day? I was still thinking about it when a memory surfaced, Eleanor was actually hanging out with her friends at another hotel for her bachelorette party but already made plans with Allen’s friend to drug him because he wanted to be with him before the wedding, she was certain Allen would leave her stranded on the wedding night, this b***h! I thought. “I’m talking to you Eleanor” Allen shouted startling me a bit. “Um, Allen” This is very weird but I guess that’s what the situation warrants at the moment, I’d have to pretend to be Eleanor. “You said you don’t want to get married, why don’t we just…cancel the wedding” Allen’s straight look suddenly produce a smile that soon dissolved, he suddenly started laughing, what’s so funny? I mean he doesn’t want to get married and to me, he’s nothing but a stranger, I don’t want to spend my entire life with someone who definitely hates me. “Suddenly having cold feet?” He sneered and laughed. “I remember you pulling all strings to make this wedding possible, but you suddenly want to cancel the wedding, you wanna make a fool out of me Eleanor, you know that’s f*****g impossible…after all, you had me staking 60million on this, now get the f**k out of bed and dress, stop pretending to be sick. What the f**k is he talking about? I wondered while thinking if there is any way out of this? I wondered feeling very reluctant. I’m really glad I’m alive but this situation is a little complicated, how am I supposed to get married to…forget it. “Look Allen, I’m doing you a favor, you don’t love me anyway. Why force yourself into something you- “Your dad played quite a role outside, as much I would love to hear that ‘breaking up’ statement from you, I’ve got a lot of people out there waiting for us to show up, what exactly do you want Eleanor? First, you pretend to faint, secondly, you’re telling me you wanna cancel the wedding, after everything you did to make this wedding possible, what the hell do you want?” He raved and I sighed heavily. “I don’t want to marry you anymore…that’s what I want” He snickered and walked up to me grabbing my slender shoulders. “Oh you will, you will spend your life regretting what you did” I flinched in surprise, what? What the f**k did I do? I frowned staring into his metallic gray eyes that resemble the color of a pregnant cloud on a rainy day, he’s pretty handsome, but there’s no way in hell I’m marrying this dude. ------
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