C H A P T E R 22 - Hades.

218 Words

“You’ve been distracted.” I should have known that this was coming. Since the moment that Persephone had come back here, I’ve done nothing more than to make sure that I ignore her, and now, here I was, being confronted about it. Why did I feel so surprised? I had known that this was bound to come. The fact that Persephone had allowed this to carry on for as long as she had without asking any questions, was already a massive surprise. I could only imagine what she had been telling herself to keep from coming after me. “What do you mean?” “You haven’t been yourself, Hades, and you know what I’m talking about, so it doesn’t help that you try and lie to me.” “Why would I lie to you?” There was no response from her end, but I could feel the way that her eyes were shooting daggers in

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