C H A P T E R 18 - Hades.

206 Words

What was I supposed to do? Just lie to her and pretend that everything was the same way that it had been before she had left? As much as I didn’t mind that, I couldn’t deny the fact that all of this was already getting a bit much for me, and I hadn’t even had a proper conversation with her. “Of course.” The lie slipped out of my mouth with great difficulty, something that surprised me more than I could have imagined. I wondered whether she was going to pick up on the change in my behaviour, and an even bigger worry of mine, was what she was going to do it she did. Was she going to question me about it? Or was she just going to keep her thoughts to herself and pretend that nothing was going on? As much as I knew that her doing the latter would benefit me greatly, the part of me that a

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