C H A P T E R 96 - Dilara.

1003 Words

Being here, amongst my mother and father, felt like an out of body experience. I believed that the only reason why it was affecting me in this manner, was because of the fact that I knew that I wouldn’t just be able to get up and leave. I would like to be able to do that, but considering the fact that my car just seemed to give in, I felt that there was nothing for me to do at the moment. I was currently sitting on the porch, watching the way that the sun begun to set, and even though I had no reason to be doing so, I started to long to go back home. I hadn’t even been here for a few hours, and I was already beginning to dread the fact that I needed to stay here for longer than I initially planned to. I still hadn’t called Isabelle—perhaps it was because I was hoping that by some miracle

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