C H A P T E R 80 - Anastasia.

528 Words

In the history of the lifetimes that I had spent in the Underworld, there had never been an event that had left us in as fragile of a state as we were in now. I couldn't deny that it was something that not only I was aware of, but that everyone else could pick up on too, and that included Hades himself. Everyone was walking on eggshells, waiting to find out what it was that had happened, but luckily for my sake, I was already aware of it all. I had the upper hand, yes, but I also knew that they would all begin asking questions once they realised that I wasn't as shaken up and surprised as they were. But it would be up to me to make sure that I kept up a front, that they weren't able to see through me. It might seem like something insignificant to every other person, but to me, protecting

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