C H A P T E R 50 - Dilara.

735 Words

I didn’t give him the chance to carry on with what he was doing. He wasn’t going to stand here and corner me as if I had done something wrong. I knew that it wasn’t necessary for me to behave in the way that I was, but I was fully convinced that it had been what I had needed to do. If he had reacted any differently than he was reacting now, then I would have dared to go ahead and think that maybe, just maybe I had been wrong to do what I had done. But I wasn’t about to feel guilty for putting myself first and trying to ensure my safety. I knew just as well as he did that the risk was simply too big. I was busy making my way up the stairs, and regardless of what I did, I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge the fact that he wasn’t coming up after me. I had thought that he would do so im

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