C H A P T E R 48 - Dilara.

817 Words

Even though it was taking an eternity to get it done, we were still making a lot of progress. I was giving Hades a lot of mundane tasks to do, but I was actually managing to get it done faster than I ordinarily would have been. I was making a few more items to put on display, because I didn’t know whether or not it was going to be a busy Saturday. I just hoped that I wouldn’t end up wasting all of it. “How much more do we need to do?” I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was busy getting tired of doing all of this. It was all that I needed to know to be sure of the fact that he wasn’t cut out for any of this. He wouldn’t cope the week in the cafe. I was sure of it. “This is the last batch.” “Do we need to stay here while it finishes?” I could hear the hope in his voice.

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