C H A P T E R 116 - Anastasia.

253 Words

I knew that I didn't need to treat him like this, but I found myself incapable of pretending that nothing was going on. Did he have any idea of what had just happened to me, because I didn't think that he been had the slightest comprehension of what was going on. He could pretend that there was nothing serious going on, but deep down, he should know. He should know that I wouldn't have dared to allow anything of this sort to happen to me. I went down with a fight. A harsh fight. A chill went down my spine upon being struck with the memory of what had happened to me, and I was willing to admit that I was willing to get back at Persephone. I wanted to do it, with everything inside of me. There were no words to explain what was happening. Absolutely none. But what was there that I could d

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