C H A P T E R 5 - Dilara.

1886 Words

If someone had gone ahead and asked me how long I had been here, or how much time had passed since Hades had gone ahead and left me here alone, I wouldn’t be able to given them an answer. Not one that was accurate. Despite everything that this cage was equipped with, the one thing that it seemed to be missing, was a clock. I was certain that it was actually missing a lot of other things, but at this moment, that was what stood out to me, because that was what I wanted to use at this current point in time. I wasn’t sure when it had started, but I was now pacing from one side of the cage to the other, caught up in the path that my thoughts were taking, and I was more than capable of acknowledging the fact that the path was far from being a good one. But what more could I do? What could I

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