C H A P T E R 136 - Hades.

1431 Words

I found myself staring at the spec that was dropping through the sky, and I couldn’t deny the fact that I was rather confused by what I was seeing. Something that I knew for certain, was the fact that it was Cerberus in the sky, fighting with some other creature from the Underworld. I couldn’t quite make out what it was just yet, but one thing that I was certain of, was the fact that Cerberus had the upper hand. He dwarfed the other creature, and it looked like he was already winning. I just couldn’t seem to understand why he was fighting with it. Had he just come across it and decided that he was going to put an end to it, eliminating a threat to Dilara before it became a serious one? The longer that I stared at him, the more I felt my eyes drawn down to the spec that was slowly but sur

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