Chapter 2 Going Abroad Alone

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After a few hours of rest in bed, the feeling of nausea was still pronounced for Ashley. She drank a cup of water, wrapped herself up warmly, and took a cab to the hospital. After the examination, she was told there was no need to wait for a report since the doctor could view the results on the computer. Ashley knocked and entered the doctor's office, sitting on the stool while clutching her stomach. "The nurse said I could see the results here, so she sent me over." The doctor glanced at her briefly before looking back down. "Are you married?" Ashley paused for a moment and then nodded. "Yes, I am married." "Congratulations." The doctor moved his gaze away from the screen and added, "You're pregnant." "Pregnant?" Ashley was completely taken aback. With the weather being hot lately, her appetite hadn't been great, and she occasionally felt nauseous... She had thought it was just the summer heat or maybe a common gastrointestinal issue. It never crossed her mind that it could be morning sickness. Ashley hesitated before asking the doctor, "Could there be a mistake?" "When was your last menstrual period?" Ashley calculated, her face growing even paler. "It's been... delayed by two or three weeks." The doctor spread his hands, placing the test report in front of her. "Take a look. Blood tests don't lie. You're definitely pregnant." Ashley opened the report. The stark black text, sealed with a stamp, stated her diagnosis: early pregnancy. After thanking the doctor, she left the office. Touching her flat belly, Ashley didn’t expect that she would have a child at such a difficult time. She left the hospital. The bright sunlight hit her eyes, prompting tears to well up in her eyes. Ashley closed her eyes and murmured, "What should I do?" She and Gabriel had been married for less than two months, and they did that thing few times, of which each ended hastily. Previously, she thought Gabriel wasn't keen on that thing. Truthfully, she didn't much care for it either, as it always made her hurt... Now, she realized the truth. Actually he was not interested in her, not that that thing! The very few s****l activities they had were likely out of pressure from his grandmother. But now, she was pregnant, at such a critical time! What should she do? Should she keep the baby? Ashley was only 20, too young to make such a significant decision alone. On second thoughts, she decided to ask Gabriel's opinion. After all, he was the father of their baby. At this time, Kaitlyn was still hospitalized after her miscarriage. Gabriel was also at the hospital. He was not only her brother-in-law, but also husband to the culprit of the miscarriage. It was only natural that he stay by her side. To take care of her, Gabriel had brought his work to the ward. Ashley came to Kaitlyn's ward but was stopped at the door before she could knock. It was Gabriel's bodyguards, Samuel Garza and Wyatt Garza. "Mrs. Watson, sorry. You cannot enter." "Why?" "It's Mr. Watson's order." Ashley looked at them. "Fine. But could you please tell him I need to speak with him?" Wyatt went inside the ward. "Send her away." Gabriel's response was indifferent after hearing the message. "Tell her to pack her things and leave as soon as possible. I have nothing to say to her." He felt like he was in over his head. If Kaitlyn woke up and saw Ashley, chaos would probably ensue. It's best that they stay far away from each other. Wyatt then turned around and exited. The ward's door wasn't soundproof, and Ashley heard Gabriel's words clear as day. So, by the time Wyatt came out, she was already turning to head downstairs. Ashley believed that Gabriel would become unreasonably irritable whenever Kaitlyn was involved. She decided to wait for him downstairs, determined to fight for a chance for herself and her baby. Ashley stood until her legs went numb, and soon, a heavy rain began to pour. She was cold and sleepy. Just when she thought he might stay in the ward overnight, Gabriel came out. Wyatt was holding an umbrella for him, with half of his face hidden. Ashley quickly stepped out from behind a pillar. Her hair and neck were drenched, and she called out to Gabriel, "Gab, I have something important to tell you!" The driver stopped the car at the bottom of the steps, and Gabriel paused as he was about to get in the car. Just when Ashley thought he might stop, he opened the car door and bent to get in. Ashley yelled in desperation, "Gabriel! I really need to talk to you!" Gabriel, however, shut the car door and instructed the driver, "Go." "Gab! Gabriel! Stop! Please, stop the car!" She chased after the car while calling out. By accident, she fell down and got completely soaked. The rain blurred her vision, making it hard to see the direction. The car she was chasing moved farther and farther away. Returning to Silver Beach Mansion, Ashley was exhausted both physically and mentally. Without taking a shower, she changed into dry clothes and went to sleep. Early the next morning, someone knocked on her door. Struggling against her discomfort, Ashley got up to open the door only after the person outside had impatiently knocked again. After opening the door, Gabriel stood there in casual attire and looked down at her. His attractive eyes narrowed in displeasure. "What took you so long?" "Because I’m tired," Ashley murmured. She didn't explain but just shook her head. She knew all too well that any explanation in his eyes would just be an excuse! When she was hated, even her breathing seemed wrong. Ashley felt really unwell, and she asked him directly, "Why did you come here?" She chased after his car and pleaded with him desperately yesterday, and he seemed like he didn't even want to see her. But what now? "You think I wanted to come here?" Gabriel's disdain for her was unabashed. He stared at her with a cold gaze. "Grandma sent me to take you to the airport." Thoughts flashed through Gabriel's mind. His older brother was now paralyzed and in a vegetative state. No one knew when he'd wake up. To make matter worse, his brother's unborn child was lost due to his own wife, Ashley. As for Ashley, it's best to send her abroad! He didn't have much feeling for her anyway. It would be better than seeing her in disgust every day. Ashley's heart completely broke. Any hope she had harbored dissipated with his words, and her persistence turned into a cold joke. "Where's your luggage? Upstairs?" Gabriel was getting impatient. To him, every moment spent here and every glance at Ashley was torture! Ashley nodded and then shook her head. "It's upstairs, but I haven't finished packing..." She had planned to continue packing after returning last night, but she felt unwell and fell asleep. "What??" Gabriel frowned in displeasure. "You still haven't finished packing your luggage yet? To change your lazy nature and uselessness, some experience abroad could really benefit you." Maybe they could somehow maintain their marriage after her experience abroad? Gabriel thought. Seeing Ashley in a daze, Gabriel said impatiently, "Stop spacing out. Hurry up and pack your stuff!" Ashley struggled to her feet. She had possibly caught a cold from the rain yesterday. Her whole body was covered in cold sweat even just after a few steps. Her lips were scorching. Touching her forehead, she confirmed she was feverish. Gabriel went back downstairs, and Ashley stopped packing her luggage to open a drawer for some cold medicine. Yet she remembered she was pregnant. She hadn't had the chance to ask the doctor if she could take the medicine. With this in mind, Ashley put the medicine back. Feeling nauseous again, Ashley rushed into the bathroom, holding the toilet as she vomited intensely. She stood up, wiped her face, and leaned against the sink. Someone was coming up the stairs, and soon, there was a figure at the bathroom door. "What are you doing?" Gabriel frowned, curious and unconsciously a bit worried. "Ashley Watson!!" His voice was low and slightly hoarse. He simply wanted her to hurry up. The plane was about to take off! Gabriel had come up to urge her. Her slow pace was testing his patience to the limit. "Coming," Ashley said, wiping her face and stepping out of the bathroom. With her face pale, she said to him, her voice soft but offish, "Hey, can I... maybe stay a day longer?" She realized she was running a high fever and felt very uncomfortable, fearing she might faint on the plane. If that happened, she would be truly out of help. "What new trick are you trying to play??" Gabriel seemed truly out of patience. "Yesterday, you wanted to plead with Kaitlyn, and now, you're saying stay a day longer. What exactly are you up to? You think by putting on a pale face and playing the victim, I'll believe anything you say? Studying abroad is a good thing for you. Everyone is waiting for you to get better. Can you just care a bit?" Was that all she amounted to in his eyes? But she was really feeling unwell! "No, it's not like that..." Ashley looked at him with wide eyes, struggling to hold back her tears. "I'm just not feeling well. I just want to see a doctor..." "Enough!" The disappointed Gabriel didn't let her finish. "My expectations for you might be too high. Hurry up. Don't waste my time." Gabriel turned back, approached her with a towering presence, and said, "Don't ever think you can buy yourself more time with this. I can always get you another ticket and send you abroad." Gabriel ignored her and walked straight into the walk-in closet, pulling out the luggage that was already packed. "Just stop packing. You can buy whatever you need when you get there! After all, the Watson family covers all your expenses. I have a lot going on at work. I really can't waste my time here with you!" With that, he took the suitcase and went downstairs. Ashley bit her lip, her heart twisting in pain! Tears fell down as she lifted her hand to wipe them away. Fine, she gave up. Staying here or going abroad had no difference at all. She was alone. Nobody cared about her grievances or her life and death...
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