Meeting for the First Time

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ELLA I was exhausted. I'd been up since four a.m. staring at my ceiling, waiting for the day to start. Today was the first day of my last year in highschool. I'm not sure how I felt about that to be quite honest. On the one hand, I'd never have to see these people again, thank God. The only person I'd ever choose to see is Megan York, my one and only friend. On the other hand, leaving school for the big, wide world was terrifying. Even though I knew what I wanted to do as a career, school was all I'd ever known. I'd poured myself into my studies for eighteen years, spent sleepless nights studying to get perfect grades. The world beyond school was unknown. I know I was being silly, thinking so far into the future, but to me, a year was nothing. Next year, I'd be handing out resumes, looking for my dream job. The thought made me excited and anxious at the same time. The line of work I wanted to go into wasn't typically a "female job", and there was never a shortage of people to tell me I'd have a hard time finding work. I glanced at the clock. Five fifty nine. One more minute until my day started. I closed my eyes, waiting the alarm. *BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ* Jumping out of bed, I turned off the alarm, grabbed the clothes I'd picked out yesterday, and headed to the bathroom. One look in the mirror told me I was idiotic for not going back to sleep. Oh well. This is what concealer was invented for, right? I turned on the shower, testing the water with my hand before getting in. I shaved, shampooed, and used my favorite coconut body wash to wake myself up. When I was done, I threw my hair up in a towel. My outfit today was a plain black bra, black panties, my good red sweater that was heavy enough to keep me warm, but not sweat, and a pair of dark jeans. I'm not what one would call 'fashionable' by any means. Comfortability was more important for me. After dressing, I let my hair down and began to blow dry it. My hair was a mixture of wavy and curly, the color of milk chocolate, and fell down to the middle of my back. I liked to think it complimented my green eyes, long lashes, full lips, and cream complexion. Acne was never a problem for me, thanks to a good diet and a good skin routine. For once, my hair was behaving, so I left it down. Dabbing some concealer and eyeliner on, I was done. My reflection no longer looked like I'd been stressing about life for the last two hours. Breakfast time. My last nanny had taught me to make all sorts of different stuff, but I was too keyed up to do anything more elaborate than a piece of toast, scrambled eggs, and a glass of OJ. I finished faster than I would have liked though; I still had forty five minutes before I even needed to leave. The walk to school was only ten minutes. Whatever. I thought to myself. Being early is better than being late. With that thought, I went to put my shoes on, grabbed my backpack and keys, and left. Plugging my headphones into my phone jack, I scrolled to my 'Walk Playlist',(lame, I know), and totally zoned out to my music. As I was walking, part of me recognized I was only so desperate to leave the house because this day was missing something important. My parents. Normal kids woke up on the first day of their senior year to overly emotional parents, a big breakfast, and a "good luck!". Not me though. My parents had died in a car crash when I was two, me the only survivor. I was placed in the care of my Aunt Clara, who, never actually intended to have children. She never treated me badly though; She was there for every birthday, Christmas, Easter, all the big holidays. However, she didn't actually live with me. Aunt Clara preferred to stay at her beach house on Lake Huron, about six hours away. Being the CEO of a major architectural business, she provided enough income for food, clothes, entertainment, and the house. She also paid for all my nannies growing up. When one got too old and retired, she just hired another one to take her place. But I'd been on my own since I was sixteen. According to Aunt Clara, I was old enough to look after myself, and she trusted that I wouldn't destroy the house with wild teenage parties. The truth was I didn't have enough friends to party with, and we both knew that. I know most people would resent her in my position, but I didn't. I was grateful she took me in, even if her way of raising me was unconventional. I could have been bouncing around the foster system instead. Silver linings, I guess. I was so absorbed in my music, and my thoughts, that I barely noticed when I passed through the gates to the school. I read the sign out front: BRIDGESTONE DISTRICT COLLEGIATE HIGHSCHOOL- WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! Walking through the parking lot,(which was way too big in my opinion, barely any students had vehicles in this town), I realized just how early I was. Only about ten cars were here, in the teachers section. I made my way to the main entrance, which led into the cafeteria. Picnic tables were placed about for students who wanted to eat outside. I picked one at random and plopped down, dropping my backpack. I pulled out my phone and started scrolling through f******k. I'd been sitting there for about twenty five minutes, watching random videos of funny cats and dogs, when a sleek blue car pulled in, immediately catching my attention. It had to be the most expensive car in this whole town, and when I realized what it was, my jaw dropped and I swear I started drooling. Who the hell could afford a Shelby Mustang here? Damn, it had more curves than any woman I'd ever seen. It parked in the teachers section. When the door opened, my jaw dropped even further. The driver was a man, and even from this distance I could tell he was sexy. He locked the car, and started walking my way. Of course, being the moron that I am, I just watched him, eyes wide, mouth still hanging open. The closer he got, the more details I could make out. He was in a black suit that barely held in his muscles, sleek black hair that was cropped just the right amount, facial hair that gave off a distinguished look, and the most gorgeous face I'd ever seen on a man. If I wasn't drooling before, I sure as f**k was now. "Holy shit." I whispered to myself. "Excuse me?" Oh s**t. I hadn't realized he was in hearing range. He looked at me, and I was momentarily caught in deep hazel eyes. Damn, he was even better looking up close. Perfectly tanned skin, a long straight nose, and lips that sent all sorts of dirty thoughts through my mind. "Are you a student here?" He glanced at my backpack. "Uh... yeah. Yes. I am. Hi." Wow. Smooth. "Hi." He gave a half smile. "May I ask why you're here this early? School doesn't start for another twenty or so minutes." "Uhm, I had a small breakfast." Did I really just say that? "Okay... why didn't you just wait at home?" He asked. He was looking at me weirdly. Which was totally understandable right now. "I didn't have anything to do at home. I don't mind being early." I looked to the parking lot again. "Is that your car?" I asked him. "Yes." "It's beautiful. I've never seen a Shelby up close before." His eyebrows raised. "How do you know it's a Shelby?" "Seriously? That car has more curves than a playboy model." I looked at the beautiful piece of machinery again. "1960's?" I guessed. "Sixty seven. V8." He replied. I let a low whistle. "Damn." He was staring at me like... like I don't know what. I'd never seen at a guy look at me this way. "How old are you?" He asked. "Eighteen." "Huh. I'm impressed. I know guys twice my age who can't tell a Mustang from a Chevy." I laughed. "That's sad." "Hmm." He gave me another wierd look. "I should be getting inside. Have a good first day..." "Ella." "Ella." He nodded at me, and left. A small shiver ran up my spine at the way he said my name. It wasn't even eight in the morning, and I was horny as hell. That's when my brain kicked in again, and I realized I'd not only just talked to a teacher at my school, but had at least a hundred dirty thoughts about him in one conversation. f**k.
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