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Warning- This book contains scenes that might be disturbing to some, please read only if you are comfortable with anti heroes, violent s****l fantasies. And other dark elements. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system without written permission of the author. OBSESSED with my future husband- Carter Brothers Series © A. Gupta 2021. All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.  Twelve years ago… Ellison At twelve I have seen so many human faces that I was now sure of the fact that there was no horrible monster on the earth than the humans themselves, regardless of their genders. Even the grizzly bear in the wilds of the mountains would be more preferable than the humans. “What’s your name?” The man with the blue eyes, who had just punched my foster father in the face, asked.  Instead of answering him I looked as the men who had come with this blue eyed man grabbed my foster father and dragged him out of the trailer house in which we lived. I watched as one of the men kicked him when he stumbled. And a slow smile started to form on my lips. “Do you have anyone that you want to go to?”  I looked back at the man who was trying to talk to me. I could’ve saved him the time, I could’ve told him that there was no one and that I’ll be okay. But something stopped me, and tilting my head sideways I looked into his blue eyes. They were patient. Kind. But also had the knowledge of all the wrong things in the world. That reminded me of my own eyes, whenever I looked at my own reflection, my eyes carried the knowledge and memories of each day that passed. “What's your name?” I asked, my voice coming out strong and steady. The man didn't bat an eye and replied, “Gabriel.” And then arched a brow at me. “Ellison.” I answered and then asked, “Are you gonna kill him?” He looked at me for a second before asking, “What if I am?” “Good.” I shrugged. “So, you gonna take me with you…” Nervousness creeped up even when I tried my best to squash it down. “He said that you can take me…” Blue eyes flashed, his jaw tightened and my legs itched to take a step back but I stood still. And then he gave me a smile, almost playful. “Yes, he said that. But I am not gonna 'take' you. I am gonna ask you very nicely and whether you want to come with me or not, that’s your choice.” Gabriel stood up then and held out his hand for me. “You wanna come with me, Ellie?” “I don’t like this short version of my name, it sounds like a fairy tale princess.” “And, you don’t want to be a princess?” “No.” I slipped my hand in his. “I will be a queen.” We walked out of the trailer and I stopped at the door to look back. Gabriel stopped beside me, waiting. Looking up I said to him, “I don’t want to come back here. And not anywhere like this.” “You won’t.” Blue eyes, promised. And then, he added, “Elle.” Smiling, I skipped down the stairs and even before he reached his black car with tinted windows, I was there first and opened the door and slid inside, bouncing in the leather seat as I settled in. Twelve years. Twelve years of my life weren’t in my control. Abandoned or orphaned by the parents that I never met. My first memory was of hunger and beatings. And after that passing from one foster home to another, twelve years of my life I saw nothing. I met no one. I befriended no one. No parents. No siblings. No friends.  But now as I sat in the car beside the man with blue eyes that spoke of kindness and ruthless power, I decided to take control of my own life. I decided that now I will have whatever I want.  Eight years ago… “This is it, Elle. I told you there will be consequences if you did anything out of the line.” Blue eyes sparked in anger as Gabe paced back and forth in front of his desk. “But—” I began only to clamp my mouth shut when he glared at me. “No but. You deliberately disobeyed me and now every active gang member of New Orleans is looking for you.” “They were going to r**e her.” Gabe raked his fingers through his hair and scowled at me. “And, I told you again and again you can’t save every other girl or woman.” Gritting my teeth, I bit out, “She is twelve years old.” With a defeated sigh, Gabe sat down in his chair and looked at me with blue eyes filled with pride, affection and understanding. “I understand, Elle. I know why you did what you did. But I told you about the consequences. Now with the empire I am building, I can’t have too many distractions. I can’t save you and my business at the same time.” In the last four years since Gabe had brought me with him, he had been my family. My mother, my father and my brother. Even on occasions he had been a sister to me, listening to me complaining about my periods. At first I was doubtful of him, but gradually and slowly he had shown me that all humans aren’t the same. He wasn’t a saint himself, but he knew what was right and wrong, he had lines that he wouldn’t cross and few of them was child molestation and r**e and forcing weaker ones. He had treated me like his family, shown me and taught me how to fight, how to use a gun and a knife. He had been my tutor and a guardian angel whenever I got myself in trouble. And I did get in trouble many times that now I have lost counts. But, now I think I had really gone overhead by killing two gang members who were trying to r**e a twelve year old girl.  I was so lost in my own mind that I didn’t realise that a man had entered inside the office and was now striding toward Gabe. Gabriel stood up from his chair shook the man’s hand and slapped his back in a familiar manner. “Its been a long time, man.” The man said to Gabe. Gave laughed and gestured toward the chair beside me. “Yeah. And how’s your wife and sons?” “Better.” A shadow crossed on the man’s face, before his green eyes turned to me. “You must be Elle.” I didn’t reply, and the man turned to Gabe, saying, “I see, what you were talking about.” “Believe me, man, you don’t even know half of it.” “But, I sure can imagine with four sons in my house.” The man chuckled. “Elle, meet Jared Carter, he is one of my best friends.” The man rolled his green eyes and said to me, “I am the only friend he has.” Even though my lips twitched, I turned to Gabe and waited for what he had called me here for and this man. As much as I knew him, there was definitely something he was going to do which will be unacceptable to me. But…. Let’s just see where it’s going. Gabriel sighed, sat back down on his chair and looked at me. And there it was, a look filled with resignation and a bit of guilt. “Elle, you are in danger. Every man of the Craig’s biker gang is scouring the city for you. This is not a safe place for you and now I think I should’ve done this in the beginning what I am doing now.” He took a deep breath and pointed to the man beside me. “Jared will take you with him. You can live in a proper house, have a proper life, go to a decent school. His wife is a lovely woman, you two would get along and his sons can be your friends or brother or…” I arched an eyebrow when he faltered. “Or?” When he remained silent, I asked, “Are you implying that I take a lover?” “No! God, no…” he raked his fingers through his hair in agitation and then added, “I mean, of course I wouldn’t mind if you develop feelings for one of the Carter brothers and..” He looked at the man, who shrugged as if to say I can’t help you with this. “Jared will be fine to have you live with him. He will make sure that you are cared for. And even if you want to… I mean, he does owe me a huge favor.” “Are you really arranging a marriage for me, Gabe?” I asked, half amused and half incredulous about this whole thing. Blue eyes flashed defiantly, before he asked, “What if I am?” It was a rhetorical question but nonetheless I answered by asking, “Can I see the pictures of the brothers you want me to marry or even this is too much to ask for?” Gabriel opened his mouth to say something, he looked like he was on the verge of taking all of this back, but then a sleek iPhone slid in front of me with four boys- who shouldn’t be called boys anymore. They were huge, big, muscular men. Everyone of them about six feet and taller. Only one of them had green eyes as same as the man sitting beside me and he also had a scar on his cheek. Three of them had blue eyes. But what was common between them was the way they looked at the camera, almost brooding. And they had this alpha male thing going on about them. I instantly felt a mechanic pull towards them.  I looked at Gabe and then at the man. “What if they already have a girlfriend or they don’t like me?” Instead of answering me, the man turned to Gabe. “I know you have helped through the worst situation of my life and I promised to pay you back. But this…” He picked up the phone from the table and I curbed the itch to grab it back and look at the one particular boy again. “I can’t do this to my sons. They had been through enough, I won’t dictate who should they love and marry.” “Jared, you promised—” The thought of that particular boy loving and marrying someone else brought out a savage need to put my claim on him and even before I thought it, I said, “You won’t have to.” When the man looked at me, I said, “He will love me on his own. I won’t have a husband who is forced to marry me.” Green eyes narrowed at me and then they turned to Gabe. “I will only make sure that she is safe and taken care of. I won’t pressurize any of my sons to marry her. You did a favour for me, I won’t let my sons pay the price.” With that the man stood up and I realised he was as ruthless as Gabe, he just didn’t show it till now. But as he turned around to leave the office, his every step was measured and regal in it’s own way. He didn't care that he owed Gabe, he exclusively declared that he won't compromise at the cost of his sons' life and it made me wonder what kind of principles he passed to his own sons. “So… you’ll go with him?” Gabe asked and his eyes widened when I nodded. “And, you won’t brew trouble?” “Of course, not.” The look he gave me told me that he didn’t believe it. So be it, I wasn’t serious anyway. “But, I have my own terms and conditions.” Well, I was meant to be a queen so I better start securing myself a king before anyone else takes him away. And anyways even I knew that I really need to get out of this city before someone really acts upon the various threats I have heard and received through the grapevine. Guess what, saving young girls and killing their tormentors isn’t as acceptable as one would think. And besides that, I really needed something else to focus on, what better thing to do then to obsess about my would be husband. And I was sure the girls of this new place would be happy to have someone by their side to fight the wild beasts that roam around and prey on them. I'll update soon, please be patient... Thank you so much!!! OBSESSED with my future husband is the third book in Carter Brothers series but can be read as standalone. And if you like dark romance with Anti heroes read first two books- SAVED BY THE DEVIL AND HEATING MY BABY'S FATHER!!! And my TORMENTOR SERIES! Enjoy reading...
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