chapter 2: The Guild Master's Summons

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Elias slammed the guild doors open, a triumphant grin plastered on his face. Lona, slightly out of breath, followed close behind."Rose!" boomed Elias, his voice echoing through the hall. "We're back, and guess what? We got that demon rhino thingy!"A hush fell over the room. All eyes turned towards the unlikely pair. Elias, with his strange attire and silver hair, stood out like a sore thumb. Lona, wide-eyed and slightly apprehensive, fidgeted beside him. Rose emerged from behind a counter, her brow furrowed. "Elias, Luna," she greeted cautiously. "Is that true? You actually defeated the demon rhinosaurus?" "Defeated it? I blasted it to smitherines!" Elias declared, brandishing a hand in the air. "That beast didn't stand a chance against my awesome weapons!" Murmurs rippled through the crowd. Disbelief, awe, and a hint of fear flickered across their faces. No one, not even the most seasoned adventurers, had ever slain a demon rhinosaurus. Rose's gaze darted between Elias and the gathered crowd. "Alright everyone," she said, her voice firm. "Let's give them some space. Elias, Luna, come with me to my office." She ushered them through a back door, leading them to a smaller, more private room. Relief washed over Lona as the door closed behind them. "Elias," Rose began, her voice low. "There's no way you could have defeated a demon rhinosaurus with... those weapons you're carrying." Elias's grin faltered slightly. "What do you mean? They work perfectly well." "Those are firearms," Rose explained, her voice strained. "They're unheard of in Temperat. Magic is the primary form of combat here." Elias scoffed. "Magic? Who needs magic when you have these bad boys?" He patted the rifle strapped to his back. Rose sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. "This is serious, Elias. Using technology from your world could disrupt the balance of Temperat. It could have unforeseen consequences." Elias's bravado wavered. He hadn't considered that. All he'd seen was a chance to prove himself, to get stronger.Suddenly, a booming voice echoed from outside the door. "Rose! Bring them in!"Rose paled. "That's the Guild Master," she whispered. "He wants to see you both."A knot of dread formed in Elias's stomach. This wasn't going well. Rose opened the door, ushering them both into a grand chamber adorned with intricate tapestries and gleaming weapons. A stern-faced man with a long, white beard sat behind a massive oak desk. This was Guild Master Argus, the most powerful mage in Temperat. "Elias, Luna," Argus boomed, his voice deep and gravelly. "Tell me everything that happened on your mission." Elias said Alright, I'll explain to you because you're full of s**t After explaining, it's up to you whether you believe it or not, you fools The explanation was over and the guild master and Rose were shocked They were thinking what a good reward to give them and the guild master argus thought what so I will level your rank now and give you 400,000 gold You two and I'll cut your rank to rank X Elias said That's nice, but I want you to make my name famous. You make my name famous Black magician is the strongest adventurer in the world, that's what I'll be called now, not my real name, not Elias, you understand, I'm going to show you magic Spell ing creation of gun and an AK47 gun came out, you want me to shoot it at you to find out how strong my weapon is, it won't defeat me Argussaid Wow now I saw the magic there but I will agree to your conditions now you will be rank x Lona I will give you a secret mission don't you just want the battle and Kill monsters, that's what I'll give you, but it's more difficult than your previous missions Elias said I will accept it but let's not involve Lona anymore I will just send it back to their village and I will do it alone I will just send it back to their village and I alone will do the mission no An obstacle to my mission Argus' said:Yes, I understand you really at the parties, okay, I'll give it to you, but if you die, it's not my fault Elias said I want to be called the black magician party because they are just nuisances when someone gets injured you have no choice even if you can defeat the enemy you have to retreat for your partner I don't want that I still want to kill them if that's the case And the two came out of the room and he saw Lona come on let's go after our talk he suddenly hit Luna on the back and put her to sleep he made her ride on the left and sent her home Their town is called novella Elias hoisted Lona, now unconscious, onto his shoulder with surprising ease. A pang of guilt flickered within him, quickly extinguished by a surge of determination. He wouldn't let anyone, not even Lona, hold him back from becoming the strongest adventurer – the Black Magician. He exited the Guild Headquarters, the weight of Lona barely registering. The setting sun cast long shadows across Temperat's cobblestone streets, painting the scene in a fiery orange glow. Ignoring the curious stares of passersby, Elias made his way towards the western gate, the direction of Novella, Lona's village. Reaching the gate, Elias hailed the guards, his voice gruff. "I need to send this girl back to Novella. She's injured." The guards, already aware of the Guild Master's summons, eyed Elias with a mix of apprehension and respect. The rumors of his "firearms" and Guild Master Argus's personal audience were swirling through the city like wildfire. "Place her on the transport cart, traveler," one of the guards finally said, his voice gruff. "It leaves for the outlying villages at dusk." Elias gently deposited Lona onto the cushioned platform of the cart, a flicker of warmth returning to his chest despite himself. He retrieved a pouch of coins from his pocket and pressed it into the guard's hand. "See she gets home safely," he instructed, his voice low. The guard grunted his acknowledgement, surprised by the unexpected generosity. With a final glance at Lona's peaceful face, Elias turned and strode away, his boots echoing against the cobblestones. As he walked, the weight of his actions settled on him. He'd lied to Rose, defied the Guild Master, and now, sent Lona away. Yet, a twisted sense of justification thrummed within him. This was the path to power, a path he'd walk alone. The city walls receded behind him as Elias ventured into the darkening wilderness. The secret mission, whatever it entailed, was his alone. No distractions, no weaknesses. Just him and his "magic" – the technology that set him apart in this world of spells and sorcery. A thrill of anticipation coursed through him. He, Elias, the Black Magician, was about to make his legend. The question was, what kind of legend would it be? As the last rays of sunlight dipped below the horizon, Elias pressed onward, a solitary figure swallowed by the shadows. The forest floor crunched under Elias' boots, the rhythmic sound a counterpoint to the symphony of chirping crickets and rustling leaves. The moon, a pale sliver in the night sky, offered scant illumination. He relied more on the enhanced vision his technology provided, a faint blue glow emanating from his goggles. The details of the secret mission remained frustratingly vague. Guild Master Argus had only muttered about "an imbalance in the western region," his expression grim. Elias, eager to prove himself, hadn't pressed for specifics. Now, deep within the wilderness, a prickle of unease wormed its way through his bravado. Suddenly, a guttural croaking shattered the night's stillness. It wasn't the usual amphibian chorus; this croak was deeper, resonated with a chilling malice. Elias crouched behind a thick oak, his hand instinctively reaching for the pistol strapped to his thigh. He peered through the foliage, his enhanced vision cutting through the darkness. A hulking silhouette emerged from a nearby swamp – the "frog eating monster" Argus undoubtedly referred to. It wasn't a frog at all, but a grotesque amalgamation of amphibian and reptilian features. Its skin was a sickly green, dotted with warts the size of his fist. Towering over eight feet tall, it lumbered on powerful hind legs, its long, prehensile tongue flicking in and out, tasting the air. A wave of nausea washed over Elias. The rumors surrounding this creature were true. Its grotesque appearance was only outmatched by its lethality. One touch of that barbed tongue, one bite from those razor-sharp fangs, and instant death followed. No wonder even seasoned mages shied away from this particular quarry. But Elias wasn't a mage. He was the Black Magician, and this monstrosity was his first step towards legendary status. Taking a deep breath, he adjusted his goggles, ensuring the creature was within his weapon's effective range. He aimed, the red dot of the laser sight finding its mark on the beast's pulsating throat. His finger tightened on the trigger. A loud c***k echoed through the night, followed by a surprised yelp from the monster. The bullet found its mark, burying itself deep into the creature's throat. The giant frog-lizard lurched back, its tongue retracting with a wet slap. For a horrifying moment, Elias thought he'd succeeded. Then, with a deafening roar that shook the very trees, the creature lunged. Its immense bulk defied the laws of physics, its jump propelling it with incredible speed. Just as Elias began to bring his weapon up for another shot, the world went dark. The last thing he remembered was the searing pain and the sickening feeling of being lifted high into the air. His scream died on his lips as the frog-lizard's maw snapped shut, engulfing him in darkness.He saw a crab standing in front of him and he saw the monster in front of him and he couldn't move because of the pain in his body and suddenly the monster jumped up to finish it And suddenly activated his magic exploding magic After the explosion he fainted
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