Chapter One

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"None of this is real." She said under her breath as she walked down the hallway towards his room. "None of this is real." She opened the door to his bedroom he was sitting on the bed undoing his shirt, she planted a smile on her face. The smile felt false and hallow, she mentally repeated the words in her head again, 'none of this is real.' His waistcoat sat on the chair beside the dresser, in her time both would be considered an antique. "I missed you luv," he said as he pulled his shirt off revealing his smooth chest and chiseled abs. He handed her the shirt and she folded it neatly placing it on the chair with the dark coat, the white fabric of the shirt contrasting harshly. He moved behind her kissing her neck gently as he moved to the top button at her throat, he worked his fingers between the fabric taking care not to bruise her soft skin as he popped the buttons off of her dress he worked his way quickly down the bodice the pearl buttons hitting the floor in small pings as they rolled across the floor. "I hate this color on you," He said as he pushed the black heavy fabric off of her shoulders, making it pool on the floor around her feet. "Why did you choose black?" He said as he kissed the smooth skin of her shoulder, tracing the freckles with his tongue. "I was a woman alone in a strange country, best not to call attention to myself." She whispered looking down at the hardwood floors, trying to ignore the feelings he was stirring in her. "It doesn't matter what you wear pet, you'll always stand out." He said with a smirk as he moved to stand in front of her. Watching the blush that colored her cheeks, he smiled as he toyed with a lock of her strawberry blonde hair. He moved closer to her cupping her cheeks in his hands to tilt her face towards his, he slowly studied her bright green eyes. He leaned in to kiss her, savoring her taste which he had missed in their time apart, she tasted of ripe apples and sweet wine. He moved his hand to her hair tangling in the strands pulling it gently, making her gasp in pain allowing him access to the inner cavern of her warm mouth. 'None of this is real.' She repeated to herself as her head swam from lack of oxygen, he finally pulled away and she took a deep breath. *** Earlier That Evening She stood at the train station waiting by the platform, it was dark the sun having set only an hour ago, but she wasn't afraid. If she died tomorrow, it wouldn't bother her. It would be an escape from him, maybe she could go home. She smiled politely at the uniformed porter beside her as they waited, he had a cart to collect the luggage, a carriage waited outside to take them back to house they would be residing in. She watched the steam as the train pulled into the station, she looked calm on the outside but inside she was as wound up as a tight coil. She had dressed in a dark cloak to protect her from the chill of the night, it covered her high necked black wool dress, her strawberry blonde hair twisted into a low bun at the nape of her neck. She shivered she didn't know if it was from the cold or her nerves, she tucked her hands deeper into the cloak wishing she had grabbed some gloves before leaving, her instincts were telling her to run, that she still had time to get away, she knew that was false. He would always find her, he always did. It seemed no matter where she went he always caught her, she bounced on her toes debating if maybe this time she would be able to get away. She knew if she did, she would spend her life looking over her shoulder waiting for him to find her. The steam from the train bellowed around the platform as the train pulled into the station, they were coming, he was coming. She pulled her hand out of her cloak to chew on her thumbnail her nerves finally getting the better of her as she watched people start to get off the train. She saw them walking together, arms linked a tall well-dressed man his great coat open flapping in the wind, his brown hair falling over his eyes messily. His companion wore a cloak the fur trim framing her pale her dark curls peeking out as she looked longingly at the night sky seeking the stars that were hidden. When the man caught sight of her he unlinked his arm from his companion's she gave him a small smile as he turned towards the other woman and quickened his pace eager to get to her. "Pet." He greeted her with a smile his cold hands coming up to cup her cheeks, as he leaned in to kiss her. He smiled as she tensed up not liking being kissed in public, her green eyes watering in embarrassment. He pulled back to smile at her, as he moved to wrap an arm around her waist. The dark haired woman glided over to the pair, her heels not making a sound as she reached them. She brushed a hand against the young woman's face, "Elizabeth, I missed you. Did you miss me? I bet it was boring with no one to play with you." Elizabeth nodded, "Hello Mary." She smiled at the dark-haired woman before the brown-haired man at her side pulled her in closer. She swallowed hard as she looked up at him, "Did you miss me my pet?" He said teasingly. Mary leaned in to kiss her quickly before spinning around as she looked up at the sky, "It's so good to be home isn't it, my Charles?" She sang as she twirled her skirts and cloak flaring out around her ankles. Charles smiled at the pale dark haired woman, "It is my love, we should be going soon." She spun around to look at him before moving to link her arm with the other woman's. "Oh what games we will play when the sun comes up. I'm very hungry." She said with a wicked smile at the young woman, she playfully snapped her teeth at her with a sharp click. They watched as the porter gathered their luggage and took it to the waiting carriage, making the way through the rail station to head towards the carriage Mary chatted about their travels, telling Elizabeth all about their adventures in her off-kilter way. Charles walked leisurely enjoying Elizabeth's warmth seeping through her cloak as he listened to his dark-haired companion prattle on. He smiled as he looked over at the two. Once they were at the dark carriage he helped Mary gently into the carriage hands framing her waist as she made her way gracefully in. He turned to smile at the shorter strawberry blonde woman, "Did you miss me?" He asked again, his tone demanding an answer. "Like I would a cold." She said resentment coloring her voice, in their time away it seemed she had grown a backbone. "In you go, pet." He said as he easily tossed her into the carriage.
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