The Kingdom

1174 Words
 "You are coming with me, I stand by my words." King Eustace voiced his mind in great confidence like he had been ruling the underworld for hundred of years, his facade was strong. The evidence of the crawlers' tortures was still there, but he covered it well with his demeanor. He had a build of a man, but his demon facade showed what kind of evil resides within him. His skin was charcoal black, his horns were strong and big. His physique was ripped with muscles no room for lean flesh in his entire body, he was even taller than me. He walked in front of me, knowing I would follow him regardless. And I did, I followed him to his kingdom. Apart of me was also curious about what kind of kingdom he rules. I have lots of years to spare, so why not? We reached the gate of his kingdom, it was the tallest structure I had ever set my eyes upon. The guards knelt down and greeted him with the utmost respect until he raised his hand and walked through his kingdom. He led me to a large court, where there were beautiful female beings dressed in almost nothing, animal skins protected only their private parts. They covered their king with his royal cloak in an instant. Then one of them smiled at me and whispered something her king, he nods and she comes to me with another cloak and covered my nakedness. I had been naked since I was captured by the crawlers, and I couldn't care less since I was in hell and my skin was nothing worth to be covered with. But the females here must've thought I was that bad and needed to be covered up, so I just let them. My eyes were still wandering to all of my new surroundings. The few months that I had been in hell, I had never stepped in any kingdom. And I was fascinated with all kinds of creatures resides there. "Come, let me introduce you to my trustees. Then you can rest for the evening." He smirked and invited me inside his high looking tower, we walked up to more stairs until we reached a large open space with a stone made throne at the far center of the room. He sat there, while I was left standing in the middle of the room waiting to be introduced. The two females approached him, one sits on his lap and the other one lingers by his side, while his hand strokes her barely covered ass cheeks. What kind of hell is this? I was suddenly hard, it had been months since I think about s*x. I didn't think that I would be having intercourse here, I just thought it was one of those things that we didn't need, just like how we didn't need to eat and drink. I never confirmed this with my little cupid friend back at the camp, since we never had females to get myself aroused too. At that moment I was glad to be covered up by simple clothing such as the cloak that I was wearing, or my erection would definitely be visible for all to see. Moments later entered three male creatures, dressed in the same color cloaks. I would guess that they were his advisors, and I was right as they start lining themselves beside him, and not in any way feel awkward with the almost naked females that were clinging onto their king. "Ah, my dear Anselm would you call the executor for me." The king voiced his words as he nibbles on one of the female ample bosom, she was letting out the smallest whimper making me clenched my jaw. I need to get out of here, or I'll burst... Thankfully the executor came moments later bearing his ax, I could still see the blood tinted the ends of its sharp edges. Why was he called? I couldn't care less, as I was feeling the twitch between my legs. "Now Anselm kneels before me..." his words suddenly cold, full of hatred. I was suddenly consumed by the event that was happening in front of me. He was asking this Anselm fellow about his disappearance, and why didn't anybody seek for him. "My king please, this was not my idea..." King Eustace called the rest of his advisors to kneel before him. All fear for their lives, but their heads were off before they could even defend themselves. Damn... "Arkael, you are to be my advisor. I believe that is what humans called them, you will stay within the kingdom and do what's necessary to make my kingdom thrives. I trust you have time in your hands, just think of this as a way to spend your years in the most beneficial ways to both you and me..." he hung his words as he whispered to both females and let them go, with a light slap to their ass cheeks. ", I will let you rest and my lovely nymphs Sabina and Muriel will show you to your chamber, they will take care of you for the next few days as my gratitude to you." He waved his hand to the nymphs as both of them descend from his throne and guided me to a dimmed lit hallway. "I'm Sabina..." the golden nymph trailed her hand under my cloak. "I'm Muriel, we will take good care of you, as you had so bravely fought the enemies of our king." The other nymph that had burnt scars and bright yellow eyes slither her arm across my back. I could hear King Eustace chuckle in the background. Their smell was intoxicating, their presence was alluring. I was speechless and under their spell, I was throbbing with a desire to have them both. And as if they knew, both let out the softest laughter I had ever heard. Sabina had golden skin with specs of black here and there, it was like she was painted and created to be the excellence of beauty. She walked in front of us in a very light step almost like she was flying while twirling her long back golden hair. Then she stopped and pushed herself to me, dramatically parted my cloak, and brushed her almost naked body to mine. Her small dainty hands crept inside and touched my harsh chest. I shuddered instantly and quickly latched my mouth to hers. While Muriel took my other hand and guide me to a room that she had open just with a flick of her fingers. I was naked in seconds, I should be feeling uncomfortable with my horrendous looking skin. But they adored me regardless, I was being kissed and licked and touched all over my body. "Who do you call yourself warrior?" Both asked the same question at the same moment, making me twitch. "Arkael..." "Well then, now we know what to scream when we reach our high..." again both said the words, at the same time with the softest most seductive voice I had ever heard. I'm loving this hell...
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