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ALICE  I thought it was near to never that I could get my memories back. What happened in reality is nothing that I can think of. It was as if I was living a lie all this while. With each passing day, I get a glimpse of the things that have happened in reality. They say that my case is a medical miracle. It indeed is a miracle. My memories return in an episodic way. I don't have control of any of that. However, there was one such incident that I have recalled recently that might change the way I look into my life. I was on my way to the HILL VIEW HOTEL AND RESORT where I was hit by a truck. It was one of the scariest memories that has returned to me. It could have been traumatic had I not been informed about the same thing by the police over and over again. I don't recall as to who or how I got in that accident, but the car crash sounded so real. Not knowing anything, I blamed Priyam for everything. I even confessed to the police that I suspected him of whatever might have happened to me on that horrible evening. It was as if I was bound to prove him guilty of such a horrendous crime. But the authorities saw that my allegations about him were baseless. The baselessness of my statement was the only reason that he wasn't behind bars. And I am so thankful that the innocent one was left unharmed. However, I am not properly able to take in all those realities about my bully. Well, as long as I can recall things, Priyam has always been my bully. He's arrogant and proud. He is the complete opposite to my orphan self. Not only that, I am constantly fighting my amnesia. But as far as I remember, I rejected his proposal not once or twice but several times. Maybe I had a reason behind it or that I was only pushing him because I feared normality. Knowing Priyam's sincerity and everlasting support left me in a dilemma. He has always been the constant when everything around me changed. He is that stability that I need so dearly. He has been everywhere with me since the beginning. He is still right here fighting my battle along with me. But I hardly have anything in return for him other than an unloving heart and fake promises. I have learned to love that one person who too left me feeling unwanted and dejected. Break-ups hurt, but it is a different kind of pain when somebody breaks a heart like that of mine. Even though Priyam awaits my affection patiently, I barely think that I can move on from that one person who solely rules my heart.
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