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Dear Dreamers,  As The Endless Series starts to come to a close, I found myself trying to figure out what I wanted to do to next. I have a vampire series that just launched on the serial platform Sequel, called Her Dark Love, which you can read at but I also wanted to launch a new series on Dreame. The story of Little Red Riding Hood has always fascinated me, mostly because its about girls surviving monsters. The Red Cloak Girls is my own retelling of the fairytale, following the lead, Crimson Ashland, trying to survive The Mating Season after getting sacrificed to The Wolf Prince to keep her village safe.  As I do with every book I write, I've included a playlist for you to enjoy.   Between The Breaths, Xiu Xiu & Mitski  Quick Musical Doodles, Two Feet  We Will Never Be This Young, Flora Cash  The Wisp Signs, Winter Aid  Cringe, Matt Maeson  I Found, Amber Run  To You Alone, Tom Rosenthal  I try to reach you, Kina ft. Adriana Proenza Frozen Pines, Lord Huron  Howl, Florence +The Machine  Get ready for the world of The Red Cloak Girls and listen to  to the soundtrack here: Be sure to check out the pinterest character boards as well!  Crimson Ashland: The Wolf Prince:
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