Chapter 88: Does It Hurt?

994 Words

Westley lowered his head to kiss Doris, but just before their lips touched, she slipped her hand between then. She ran her finger playfully across his lips, smiled, and said, "Don't forget our one-month agreement. You promised me that you'd be good? Can you keep your word?" Westley's heart sank, and a frown appeared on his face. His hand lowered, and he lifted her shirt to touch the soft flesh between her bra and her pants, lingering on her cute little belly button. He slipped his hand into her pants and sighed as his fingers touched her soft, sparse pubic hairs. No – he told himself – Be strong. "You are literally killing me," he said as he pulled his hand out of her pants. "Not literally," Doris scoffed. "Surely, not literally. You will live. I promise!" I could take her by force at a

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