Chapter 191: Hotter Than Ever

1194 Words

  When Crystal heard that it was possible to mix a love potion, her face lit up. She looked down at Helen and said, "This is such great news. Where can I get it?" "You can't get it," Helen replied sadly. "Sorry to get your hopes up..." "That's a pity." Crystal pouted and said, "Such a potion could have come in handy...." Seeing Helen on the balcony, one of the maids brought her a cup of rose tea. She accepted it with thanks, and then she said, "I haven't seen Westley and Doris for a while. Do you know where they are?" The maid nodded and said, "They went out to the stables, and they've taken the carriage out. Perhaps they went to the hot spring…" Crystal's face darkened, and she said, "If they took the carriage, then they must have taken my favorite horse!" "But that's your favorit

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