13 With The Lights Out… It's More Dangerous

1054 Words
  The parcel was from sss, which meant that the box opened easily. The package was rectangular, and there was a single strip of packing tape holding it shut. Doris pushed one side of the box in, hooked her finger underneath it, tore it, pulled it away from the box, and tossed it into the wastebasket beside her bed. After sitting up straight again, Doris pulled open the cardboard and wasn't surprised to discover that the box was half-filled with bubble wrap. Just like sss to use an oversized box and stuff it with bubble wrap – Doris thought – What a waste. It is no wonder the package was so light! Doris pulled out the bubble wrap, and when she saw what was underneath it (Lydia's gift!), her face immediately turned red, which made her feel extremely hot, and she pushed the box away from her as if it were a plague blanket. "What the hell?" she gasped. Doris thought that Lydia was a carefree, innocent little girl, but in fact, she was actually a slut. How dare she think that I would have any use for such a thing! - she thought angrily. Doris thought that Lydia must have done a lot of secret research, though, before being able to send her such a gift, so she wasn't able to stay angry for long. What a bohemian girl – Doris thought, and she laughed. Even if it was a prank, this thing was too much – or was it? Doris found her eyes inexplicably drawn to the box and its foul contents, and she admitted to herself that disgust had not been the only feeling she'd had when she'd pulled away the bubble wrap. There had been a hunger, too. Hadn't there? – she wondered. Forget about it! – she told herself sharply – Get rid of it! When she considered the shape of it, she realized that it had been embarrassing just to look at it. It made her think of how Westley's body had felt this morning, naked and pressed against her. Doris's heart began to beat fast, and her eyes returned to the box. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? – a voice in her head wondered. I AM NOT! – another voice snapped back – THAT THING IS DIRTY! And you ARE NOT a dirty Girl! Doris swallowed hard and patted her head to calm herself down. She turned and looked in the mirror. Her chest was flushed, and her n*****s were hard. She brought her right hand up to her left breast, clutched it, gave it a good squeeze, and then she frowned at her own reflection in the mirror at the end of her bed. "Oh, Doris," she cried. "What the hell are you thinking about?" And she grabbed her clothes and ran naked down the hall and into the bathroom. After closing the bathroom door, she turned on the shower and threw her clothes into the basket by the toilet. As she took off her panties, she tried hard to ignore the damp spot at the front, but the musky, sweet odor made it impossible. "I am horny," she finally admitted to herself, but as soon as the words were out, the voices in her head began to clamor for her attention. AM NOT! AM NOT! AM NOT! – they shouted. "I am not," she muttered in agreement. Doris turned the water to cold before climbing in, and the freezing water brought her back to her senses, and by the time she started to turn up the heat, she'd all but forgotten about the sss box on her bed. Then, as the hot water washed over her naked body, Doris began to relax. She was completely sober, but it had been a long day, and she was tired. While she scrubbed a two-in-one-shampoo/conditioner into her hair, she replayed the highlights. There was her failed attempt to trick Westley into thinking that they'd had s*x, her car accident on the way to school, discovering her boyfriend was cheating on her and that Westley was her teacher, him sexually assaulting her, getting drunk at the bar, throwing a fit in his office, and… Lydia's gift. Doris lathered her armpits with her shaving gel, and suddenly, as she reached for the razor, the lights went out, and she screamed out of reflex. As a child, Doris had been terrified of the dark. Although she had eventually gotten over the phobia, to have it sprung upon her unexpectedly like this still made her nervous. There was some light, though, coming through the half-open door, but then it closed, and the bathroom became pitch black. Doris couldn't even see her fingers. Doris turned off the water, pulled the curtain aside, found her towel, and wrapped herself in it. She had been extremely afraid, but now that her nudity had been covered, some of her courage returned. Doris stepped out of the tub, dried off, and began to make her way towards the door. The bathroom wasn't very big, and she quickly found the door handle. She pulled the door open, but it didn't help. That was because it was as dark in the hallway as it had been in the bathroom. Perhaps there has been a power outage – she thought to herself – if that was the case, though, then who closed the bathroom door? Doris's first reaction was to go back to her room and get her mobile phone. However, as she turned around, she banged her knee on something. Doris shouted as she dropped to the floor in pain. And as she grabbed her throbbing knee, she didn't even realize that she'd dropped her towel. When the pain finally began to subside, Doris realized that she was sitting in the hallway – naked – and she began to feel around on the floor for it. It couldn't have gotten far – she thought, but she couldn't find it. Doris began to crawl along the hallway, felling about for a towel. She made it about two feet when she came upon a foreign object, "What's this? She muttered, and she began to feel it to get a sense of it, starting at the ground and slowly making her way up. Eventually, she came upon something sack-like, hairy, and gushy, but it wasn't until she found the hard, tube-like projectile above it, that she realized that she'd discovered Westley...and Westley's prick!    
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