Chapter 60: Much Ado About Santarosa

1066 Words

Erick Bush's bodyguard walked into the box. He saw Erick and Anna on the sofa, both naked, post-coitus, and though he did not approve of his boss's behavior, he did not comment on it. He lowered his head and quickly turned away, so as not to further shame the poor girl. Bush saw the look on his bodyguard's face, and it amused him. He grabbed Anna's n****e and gave it a sharp twist. Anna cried out in pain, and the bodyguard turned without thinking. The bodyguard scowled and turned away again, and Anna shyly covered her face with the back of her hand. Bush was still laughing when he pulled her hand away. "Are you shy?" he asked. "That's rich! A shy w***e!" He gave her other n****e a rough twist. "Lucky for you," he sneered, "I enjoy the sound of you crying!" And before long, he was hard

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