Chapter 125: Eric And Cecelia Have A Disagreement

1100 Words

Eric gave Cecelia a skeptical look and after a moment he asked her if she was an actress. She said that she wasn't. "And if you don't believe me," she added, "you can ask Doris. We went to school together for three years, and I even gave her a bag recently!" Cecilia didn't know that when she had been betting with Doris, Eric had been nearby and watching them. For the moment, though, Eric didn't unmask her. He wanted to see what she was up to, so he pretended to believe her. He smiled and asked, "What do you want to do to Richard?" Cecelia smiled seductively. "I will tell you everything," she said. "And I will leave it to you to explain it all to Doris." Eric stared at Cecilia with interest. "Are you hitting on me?" he asked. Cecelia was surprised by Eric's straightforward approach and

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