Chapter 217: Doris And Clark Hit The Ground

993 Words

After ending the call with Eric, Paul returned to the dining room. Clark was still crying, and the ladies were distracted, so he was able to observe Doris without attracting her attention. As she moved about with purpose, he thought – She must be unique if Eric was willing to fly all the way to retrieve her. Luck had been on his side. Even though Doris had tried to cover her face, Paul had been able to capture her face in full profile. To him, this suggested that luck was on Eric's side, and he smiled just thinking about it. He cleared his throat, and the ladies looked up. Nancy stood akimbo and glared at Paul. "What?" Paul smirked and said, "If you leave here, I will abuse your son." Nancy was taken aback. "Paul," she whispered. "What are you saying? Isn't my son your son?" Paul

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