Chapter 167: Eau de s*x

1060 Words

When Helen arrived at the house, Doris felt like everything had changed. She had fallen in love with Westly, but when she discovered that the other woman was pregnant, all of her insecurities came rushing back to her. It felt like everything that he had done for her had been in a dream. In that dream, she was like a child who had stolen ice cream, stolen happiness and had then, finally, been told that it was just a dream. The ice cream and happiness had been nothing but a dream. Westley looked at Doris and said, "If anyone dares to touch you, I will kill them." "Including Eric?" Doris asked. She carefully eyed Westley so that she could gauge his response. Wesley leaned forward and grabbed her shoulders, and she was overwhelmed by his hot breath. Then he bit her earlobe and said, "I'm

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