Chapter 133: The Orange Juice Incident

1036 Words

Leslie pulled out a chair, sat down across from Doris, and smiled wickedly. "Are you interested in women?" she asked. "Surely, if you aren't bi-sexual, you must be bi-curious. And I doubt Westley would mind if you experimented a bit with me, especially if we let him watch. What do you think? Are you game?" Doris's cheeks turned red, and she said, "No, thank you." Leslie frowned and said, "You are so bori – " "Stop making jokes!" Arnold interrupted. He looked at Leslie and said, "You should go on a blind date. I could set you up with a decent man. How about that?" "Are you trying to marry me off?" Leslie asked. "I just want you to stop f*****g around," Arnold replied. "Is that too much to ask?" "Of course not." Leslie smirked and said, "But what you actually want is for me to be a

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