Chapter 118: Lights. Camera. Action. Reaction

1109 Words

Doris tried to push the man away, but he was like a brick house. "You can't escape," he said. "But if you show these dogs a little enthusiasm, we'll let you go." Behind the lights, Doris could hear Richard laughing. He sounded like a madman or a villain from a comic book, like The Joker or Madcap. "If you are good to the dogs, they will be good to you," the man continued. "They don't want to bite you. They only want to f**k you." Doris wrapped her arms around her knees. Even fully dressed, she felt completely exposed. She looked at the two Tibetan mastiffs with their big mouths, sweaty tongues, and swollen members, and her whole body began to shake. "Take off her clothes," Richard said. The man grabbed Doris's shirt to pull it over her head, but in her fear, she turned into some kin

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