2 Marry Me

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 Doris froze, "How... how did you know?!" she stammered and backed up a few steps. Her face was as pale as a piece of white paper.   Lucas had known about her plan, but she had never imagined that he would tell anyone her secret or use it against her. Now that she thought about it though – Hadn't the whole thing been Lucas' idea all along?   "You could climb onto Westley's bed," Lucas had suggested. "Make it look like you've had s*x. Once the evidence is clear, the Guardianship Order will no longer be legal, and the case regarding your inheritance will be reopened.   "Doris," he pleaded, "This is the only option. You have to pretend to have s*x with him. I know that you're not a frivolous girl, but you have to do this!"   She had always trusted Lucas, so she had done as she was told.   Doris forced herself to recover from the shock. She clenched her teeth and said, word for word, "Mr. Foster, that's so kind of you. Should I say 'thank you'?"   "You don't have to," Lucas replied cheerily. "After all…" he looked at Vanessa. "… we're practically family!"   This was the third time that Lucas had attempted to break up with Doris, so it shouldn't have shocked her to discover that he was cheating on her. After all, she truly had been haunting (Vanessa's word) Lucas' life, hadn't she?   Lucas had tried to break up with her the first time when the Foster Group had been about to go bankrupt, and then again right before the SAT exams. Each time, Doris had convinced him to stay with her and that she could change – for him.   Doris began to tremble slightly, but she took a deep breath and clenched her fists hard for fear of being noticed, and her pointed nails sank into the palms of her hand. "I can't STAND you!" she hissed as she turned away from him and walked back to the Mercedes.   What are we going to do? - she thought as she approached the wreck - this will never do...   Suddenly, a brand-new limited-edition silver-gray Maybach stopped by the Mercedes. A driver in a formal suit came down from the Maybach and respectfully handed a key ring to Wesley.   On seeing the Maybach, Vanessa shouted at Doris, "Tut, tut, tut. My dear sister, your mother was so generous. Her lover drives a Maybach and wears private-customized clothes. I can see why she left everything to him!"   "Hey, stop it," Lucas shouted.   "I'm just telling the truth," Vanessa laughed. "Look at that Maybach. It worth tens of millions of dollars, and his suit, I bet it's more expensive than the car. Do you believe that?"   Doris refused to acknowledge that. She opened the door to the Maybach, got in quickly.   By then, Westley had taken his seat behind the wheel. He turned to her with a curious expression on his face, “Boyfriend?”   Doris denied it coldly, adding, "He's just a rat, a breeding pig!"   "He has terrible taste in women," Westley exclaimed. "That girl was nothing but a dirty slut."   "You'll get no argument from me on that," Doris agreed. "Not only does he have a bad taste in women, but he also has poor business sense."   "What does that mean?" Wesley asked casually.   "If you want to do well in business, you need to know how to present yourself," Doris explained. "Look at you, for example. The vehicle you drive, the clothes you wear, the way you cut your hair, the way you talk and hold yourself: that is all a part of the package that you need to sell to a potential client before they even look at whatever it is that your selling. In the case of Lucas, he doesn't look the part, so he can never be a successful businessman – but I am sure none of this is new to you, Mr. Gates! Obviously, you have been successful, likely in business, and with the women. Am I right?"   "Well, you aren't wrong," Wesley replied, and then he laughed out loud. "What about you, have I caught your attention?"   "What does it matter?" Doris replied. "I'm just a poor orphan. You can get nothing from me." Doris paused and sneered. "Mr. Gates, don't waste your time on unprofitable people."   "Is that really how you see yourself?" Wesley asked, "Doris Lincoln, don’t underestimate yourself!"   Doris observed Wesley's expression and found he didn’t tease her, she said, "I don't get it. There are millions of other girls that are better looking than I am, smarter, and with more money to their name. Surely you see that!"   Westley laughed, and then he said, "You are so young, no wonder you don't see your own potential. ”   Impatiently, Doris cut short his words, “Save it. Just tell me what do you want from me.”   Westley raised his lips, “Marry Me.”   Doris was so caught off guard by his words that she began to cough, and her cough began to choke her so severely that her face turned beet red. She could barely breathe. Tears streamed down her face, and when she bent over at the waist, her forehead hit the dashboard.   Westley pulled over as soon as he was able, and he turned to her with a concerned expression. As he rubbed her back, he said, "There, there. Take it easy. Are you okay?"   Doris pushed Westley's hand away and glared at him. "What did you just say?"   "You aren't happy with the Guardianship Order," Westley explained. "That is obvious. So, why not marry me? Then we can turn this passive "father/daughter" relationship that is typically between a guardian and his charge, and have an equal husband-and-wife relationship instead? Don't you think that if we did that, it would be both preferable and profitable? If we did that, then you could also have an equal share of my property, which you could use to slap your ex-boyfriend and half-sister in the face. Who would turn down such a deal!"   "I would," Doris blurted out. "I would!"   I can forget Lucas – she thought – but how would I know if Westley's property is clean enough for my tastes? Or if he is an honest person…   Doris hadn't known Westly for long, nor did she know much about the relationship that he'd had with her mother. His offer seemed sincere, but her gut was telling her that he was playing some tricks. And if that was true, then the only reason her Mother had left everything to him was that he must have somehow pulled the wool over her eyes. And if that is true – Doris thought – how many other women have been deceived by this exceedingly handsome face?   "Well..." Westley opened the car door. "Be that way if you must." He jumped out of the car, walked around to where Doris was sitting and ordered her out of the vehicle.   "Why?" Doris asked. She looked over his shoulder and saw that they'd stopped in front of the University where she attended. "I'm not going! I don’t feel good!" she shouted. "I'm on my period!"  
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