Chapter 157: A Personal Question

1108 Words

Lydia was shocked. She grabbed Doris's sleeve and said, "Hey, are you crazy? Do you want to get your ass handed to you?!?!" Doris laughed and said, "Lady, I am wearing protective clothing, okay?" Johnny Angel, the school counselor, began to clap his hands to encourage her, and pretty soon, everyone else was cheering her on. "She looks just like Mulan!" Archie shouted, and someone else called out, "You go, girl!" Doris drew her sword indifferently and walked towards the fencing master. They crossed swords, and the match began. Warren struck first, and as his sword swung at her, he said, "Be warned, my sword does not distinguish between men and women or young and old." Doris smiled as she blocked his attack. "Be warned," she said, "My sword doesn't distinguish between teachers and stude

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