Chapter 225: Doris Finally Makes It To The Hospital

1156 Words

Nancy's heart beat fast as Clark explained how he'd accidentally hung up the phone earlier that day. What if it was important? – she worried. What was done was done, though, and she saw no point in punishing her son. "It doesn't matter," she said. "If it is important, they'll call back. Now, let's get your hair washed." After the bath, Nancy helped her son get dressed, and then she handed him over to a servant. With that done, she went to find Doris. At first, she could not find her friend, but that was only because she was playing hard to get. Doris was hiding in one of the spare rooms, and she was playing with her mobile phone. After the long morning that they'd had, she was trying to keep some distance between herself and Eric. When Doris saw Nancy, she looked up, smiled, and asked

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