Chapter 177: Tribute!

1100 Words

Doris laughed as she scooped the bottle of Morning After Pills out of Elma's hand. She snorted and said, "Obviously, I'm not going to change my mind!" Then she grabbed the bottle, took out a pill, and dry swallowed it. Once the drug was down her throat, she tried to slip the bottle into her picket, but Elma stopped her by snatching it out of her hands. "I'll keep the remaining pills!" Elma hissed. "Who knows what kind of trouble you might get up to with them…" Doris sighed and said, "If I really wanted to play tricks, do you think I would need these pills?" Elma frowned and said, "Fine. I don't take these anymore, anyway. They are not good for my body." She chuckled. "After the baby comes, I am looking forward to seeing who your young master will choose to be with." "You are a real

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