Chapter 106: The Understatement Of The Century

1119 Words

Nothing about Lucas or Skater's comments made any impact on the direction of the conversation, and the next thing Emily Deerborn wrote was twice as cruel as what she had first written. She'd said, "Oh, God... Wake up, Lucas! Are you blind? You're just taking her side because you still love her." Carol Watson: "Hey, Skater. Was Doris still a virgin when you dated her in high school?" Skater Deiter: "Oh, stop it. You guys are too much. You guys are going to scare her away from the get together this weekend." Jack Elfman: "If I were her, I wouldn't dare leave the house." Missy Black: "Ha-ha!" Lucas: "Doris, ignore all the slander and all the laughter, and just be yourself. I'm always on your side." Out of all the comments, the only one that surprised Doris was the one from Lucas. She

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