Chapter 96: It All Started With A Punch In The Gut

1014 Words

Doris found her Father's room at the hospital quickly. She knocked twice, and when no one answered, she pushed the door open and allowed herself in. The old man had been asleep, but the door squeaked, and his tired eyes slowly opened. Todd Henry's skin was pale, his hair was white, he was on oxygen, and he looked almost ancient under the hospital's fluorescent lights. Despite his past cruelties, seeing him like this made Doris feel guilty. This wasn't what she'd wanted for him. "Doris," Todd whispered. "Is that you?" Doris hadn't moved past the entry, and she was at a loss for words. Todd: "Doris, are you still unwilling to forgive?" Doris shook her head as she pushed her empathy out of her mind. She said, "Mr. Henry, you must be kidding." Todd sighed. When Doris had been an infa

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