Chapter 90: He Gave Her Comfort

951 Words

Once the laughter died down, Todd looked at Doris from across the room and forced himself to smile. "I understand where you're coming from," he admitted, "and you have every right to hate me. But this is business. Please tell me what you want, and if it is something that I can do, I will do it. As you already know, I am at your mercy." "Anything I want?" Doris asked. Todd: "If it is possible." Doris: "I want my mother back. Is that possible?" "Doris," Todd whined. "You know I can't bring your mother back, but couldn't you help me – for her sake…?" "For her sake!" Doris scoffed. "My mother wouldn't give a s**t about what would happen to the Henry Group, and she would be disgusted if she knew how you'd stolen my inheritance from me! My Grandfather's will is clear. You do not have the

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