Chapter 83: Hurry Up And Take Me To The Hospital

987 Words

"I didn't fake an accident," Eric laughed. "I staged a collision, and my neck is in more pain than you could imagine. But it was for a good cause." Doris smiled shyly when she heard that. She was a little bit upset about Eric's trick, but nobody had ever gone to such lengths to get her attention. "Hang in there," she said. "We've called an ambulance. Someone will come in a matter of minutes. I have to get to class, though. I have to go." Eric saw that Doris was going to leave, so, while clutching his neck, he jumped out of the car. He stretched out an arm in Doris's direction and cried, "You're not going to let me die, are you?" "You're not going to die," Doris scoffed. "You are still alive and kicking, aren't you? Stop being so dramatic!" Eric twisted his neck and grimaced. "I'm not

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