Chapter 206: "Don't!" or "Don't Stop!"

1043 Words

Westley looked Doris in the eyes and rudely "Boop'd!" her on the nose. "Do you renege?" he asked, playfully. Doris sighed and said, "I do not." Westley reached out without a word, dragged her into his arms, and began to caress her back. She went limp in his arms, and when his free hand found her thigh beneath her skirt, she forced herself not to flinch. She reminded herself to – Think of the money. Westley brushed her ear with his nose and whispered. "I've turned you on. I can tell." As he spoke, he moved his hand closer to her v****a, and her skin broke out in gooseflesh. After being with Wesley before, her body had been conditioned to be very sensitive to his touch. Her body felt feverish as if her blood vessels had been injected with an aphrodisiac, and she felt her panties dampen.

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