34 The New And The Old Cell Phones

994 Words

  Doris started and restarted her phone, but she was still unable to edit her Contact List, so she posted her problem to **, and within minutes she was flooded with suggestions. Re: What is the phone model? Why can't you edit it? Try rebooting the phone and try again. Re: Look at the manual and click on the Contacts. You are supposed to edit them directly from there. Re: Show me the model. Doris took a picture with her old phone and added it to the comments, and the replies continued to fly in. Re: Isn't this the latest and most expensive model? Re: Yes. It's an iPhone Princess Plus! Re: The phone is studded with diamonds! Wow! It is so beautiful. Re: It is inlaid with 318 expensive diamonds! Re: Doris, stop showing off! Doris was frustrated because the problem was being ignore

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