Chapter 163: Helen Bush

988 Words

Once Doris recovered from her shock, she said, "If Westley is engaged to Helen, where does that leave me?" Leslie shrugged and said, "I don't know. I can see now why Eric hasn't been around lately, though…" She produced a pack of cigarettes, took one for herself, and offered Doris another. "Want one?" Doris looked up and nodded. She knew how bad she looked now, and it made her feel like a harlot. Leslie lit up a cigarette and placed it directly into Doris's mouth. Then she said, "Everyone knows how much Helen loves Wesley. She would die for him. It is quite the triangle you've landed in. If Helen still loves Wesley, though, he will have to marry her. You have to be prepared for that." Leslie blew a cloud of smoke in the air and squinted at Doris. At this point, Doris didn't know that

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