37 Your Ass Is Grass

1121 Words

  Doris stood up, but when she tried to pass Westley, he blocked her way. She gave him a dirty look and said, "Professor Gates, would you please make way for me?" Almost immediately, Wesley slid out of the way, but as she took her first step, she tripped on his foot and sat on Wesley's leg. Doris was wearing a thin skirt, so when she landed on Westley, she could feel the heat of his body through the delicate material. She felt his hot breath on her neck when he opened his mouth; when he said, "You're getting good at this." Doris, of course, understood the words' duel meaning, but she was not in the mood to have a fierce battle of the tongue with him in front of her classmates, mainly because some of them – especially the girls – thought that she had fallen on his leg on purpose. Dori

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