15 Apartment Shopping

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  Doris was at a loss for words, and she didn't like the feelings of complete helplessness that were washing over her in waves. She recognized that her heart was racing, though, and that was one thing that she could control. She began to slow her breathing, and she counted backward in her head - ten, nine, eight, seven, and so on - hoping that if she could think straight, she could find a way out of her current predicament. Doris didn't know what to say to Westley. It seemed like whatever she said, he twisted her words and used them against her. It doesn't help that he's much smarter than I am – a voice in her head whined - so much smarter... After all, he is a teacher! After a minute, Doris said, "That vibrator was a gift from Lydia. Didn't you notice that it was still in its packaging? I don't use those. Never have. They disgust me!" "If you've never used one, how do you know that you won't like it?" After saying that, Westly kissed Doris on the lips, but she turned her head away immediately. "How dare you," Doris shouted. "You didn't even ask!" She stared at him angrily. "And besides, I'm under 18! Aren't you afraid of going to jail?!?!?" Westley seemed to think about that for a moment, and then he let her go. "I can wait a little longer to soil your virtue properly. After all, your birthday isn't that far away." Westley turned in the direction of his room, and as he walked away, he said, "Have fun with your toy," and then he began to mimic the sound that it likely made: "Bzzzzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzz." And then he began to laugh hysterically. Before he disappeared into his room, Doris shouted after him: "What about your promise to move out and leave me alone?" Wesley stopped, turned his head, and with an unfathomable expression, asked, "Are you so eager to let me go?" "I am," Doris said firmly. "If you need to, you can stay here for two more days, but only if you need to, and for no longer than that!" Westley: "What if I can't find a place to live in, in that amount of time? Are you prepared to throw me out on to the streets?!?!" Doris: "Don't worry, I can help you find an apartment online. What are your prerequisites for where you want to live?" Westley: "What prerequisites? I hadn't considered such things… I am used to being taken care of." Doris: "How about I figure it out for you?" Wesley didn't say anything and turned away in silence. Now that that was settled, Doris walked back to her room. She changed into her pink cartoon pajamas and sat cross-legged on her bed with her iPad. She turned it on and began to look for places where Westley could live. Almost immediately, she found a half-dozen places that seemed suitable, and she started to sing happily. Then, with her iPad clutched to her chest, she hurried to Westley's room and knocked on the door. Wesley told her to enter, and she found him sitting on the sofa, reading his email. Doris sat down beside him, and she showed him the results of her search. "Look at this one," she said. "It has three-bedrooms, one-living room, one-kitchen, and one-bathroom. It is well-decorated. Although it is a little far from the school, you won't have any troubles. "There is also this two-bedroom apartment. It is a bit small, but it's right next to the school, and it would be more convenient for you because you would just have to cross the street in the morning, and you would be at work!" Doris showed Westley each of the places she found, accenting the advantages, and downplaying the disadvantages. Anything to get him out of the house – she thought – this mother-f*****g pedo has got to go! As Westley watched her, though, he began to realize exactly how much he didn't want to move out and be away from her. And she couldn't make him leave if he refused. Doris noticed Wesley's cold expression, and she asked him what he was thinking. Westley looked Doris in the eye but said nothing. He could smell the scent of her shampoo mixed with her uniquely sweet, girlish body's fragrance, and he realized that he was becoming aroused again. The inexplicably hot feeling in his groin began to swell. Only the scent of Doris' body, he knew, could provoke all the desire buried in his body in this way. Doris brought with her a life experience that he had never had before, but had wanted for a long time. Westley calmly pushed away from the iPad in her hand, and then he showed her his notebook's desktop picture. It was of a French-designed villa. The villa stood in the forest that was located on the edge of the city, and a sea of colorful flowers surrounded it. As the wind blew, the flowers swayed with the wind. The whole villa was made of large pieces of glass, which had neat modern lines, but came with a fresh romantic feeling. It looked extraordinarily atmospheric and luxurious. Doris was utterly shocked by that. The house had actually been built according to her favorite style! She hadn't expected to find such a beautiful place in Huston. "Do you like it?" Wesley asked. Doris nodded her head, and then she said, "It doesn't matter what I think, though. What do you think?" Wesley smiled and said, "I choose this one." "Can you afford it?" Doris asked hesitantly. She needed to know the answer, but she didn't want to offend Westley by asking about his finances. A voice in her head spoke up, saying – He has enough. He has all of the money that your Mother left him! If he takes this house, he will squander it all!!! Doris's face froze, but she had no way of venting her anger. After all, this man had just promised her to move out. "What's wrong?" Westley asked her. "Nothing," Doris sighed. "The place looks nice. If you like it, you should take it." The phone rang suddenly, then, and Westley stood up. "I'll answer the phone first," he said, "and then I'll make up my mind."    
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