41 The Onion Incident

1093 Words

  Westley met Doris's eyes in the mirror, and his brow furrowed furiously. "What is your problem?" he shouted. All he knew was that Doris wanted to divorce him. "I would think that the advantages of being married to me would outweigh the disadvantages, but not only do you not want to talk about our marriage, but you want to keep it a secret! What's up with that? How long until we can make our marriage public?" "We can make it public after I graduate," Doris replied. Westley: "That will do." It was a ten-minute drive from their home to the supermarket, and when they arrived, Westley followed Doris into the store. They got a cart to put the groceries in, and as they were walking through the produce section, someone pushed Doris against Wesley, and her hand brushed against his. Westley

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