Chapter 173: That Night And The Morning After

1067 Words

Once the business with the doctor was over, Westley picked Doris up and carried her to their bedroom. Once there, he swept the skincare products from the makeup table to the floor, and then he put her on it. "Are you satisfied now?" he asked as he spread her legs and pressed his manhood against her pubic mound. Doris curled her lips and said, "No, I'm not satisfied." Her collar was made from elastic, and Westley tugged it down, over her shoulders, past her taut breasts, and let it rest below her abdomen. Then he leaned over and took her n****e into his mouth. After suckling for a couple of minutes, Westley straightened up and smiled impishly. "How about now?" he asked. Doris growled and called him a rascal as he gently pinched her chin so that he could kiss her lips. Doris was shocked a

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