Chapter 121: Smash You On The Flip-Side

1107 Words

The girl behind them pointed to the end of the aisle and shouted, "Look! Look! It's Chris and his girlfriend!" The audience began to shout the young man's name – "Chris! Chris! Chris!" - and he waved to his fans, hugging the women and giving high fives to the men as he passed them. He was wearing a well-tailored white suit, his grin went from one ear to the other, and his girlfriend, Judy Brown, was walking behind him. She was wearing a red low-cut evening dress; a tight fit that left little to the imagination, and her make-up had been applied so thick that it was impossible to guess what she looked like underneath it all. Judy strutted down the aisle like a movie star walking the red carpet. Chris looked at their tickets, and when he pointed out that their seats were in the same row a

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