Chapter 2

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Blake: “Alpha” my second beta, Ryan, said avoiding my eyes. He could already feel my anger, and I had a feeling that whatever he was going to say wasn’t going to make things any lighter. “What is it, Ryan?” “We have a little problem” I nodded dismissing him and looked at the woman who stood in front of me. My wife… Her brown hair was neatly curled, though remembering the picture mum had shown me; I was already aware that her hair was naturally curly. I pulled my phone out my pocket and called the maid to come over. I had already assigned the maids that were to be at her service. “Alpha” “Jodie, this is my wife, you and the girls would be tending to her needs. For now, I believe that she would want to go and rest, her trip had been a long one” I said walking past the women out to the front porch where I could hear my pack members. The smell of a foreign wolf made my own wolf stir, and a growl escaped my chest before I could control it. “What is it?” I asked walking out of the house to find the man held down by both Ryan and Mason. Their eyes glaring daggers at the naked man who must have shifted back to human, his eyes widened in fear as he attempted escaping my betas’ tight grasp. “He’s a rogue who was roaming the territory” Mason said looking at him “We tried getting him out with no blood, but he had other plans” I nodded at them to let him go and he shifted as soon as their grips loosened around him wanting to pounce on me. I raised an eyebrow and shifted standing in front of him, my black wolf towering his gray one, a scream of fear distracted me, and taking it to his advantage, the wolf tried grabbing me by my neck. However, I was surprised when he froze midair. The whole front yard seemed to have wind picking up around it, to begin with making my wolf turn to face the woman who I had married to find that her eyes were focused on the rogue before she set him down. The wolf whimpered before attempting to run away in fear, however, I ran toward him and grabbed him by his neck before he could. His body forced him to shift back to human before he took his last breath, I could hear Jodie trying to pull Natalia inside. It was seconds later before his last breath left his body and I turned to find Jodie, and Ryan holding Natalia back. Her eyes were fixed on the now dead man who lay beside me “you…” I shifted back to human, my body as naked as day, and raised an eyebrow at her “me?” “You killed the man!” “He was in my territory, and it was either him or me” “You aren’t human” “It seems like neither are you” I said, raising an eyebrow at her. Her eyes widened at my realization before she shook her head “what are you?” “I need to be asking the same question” “I don’t think that you are in the position to be questioning, love” I said, winking at her. “You are a bloody werewolf, you brought me here as your wife believing that YOU were human!” She snapped. I raised an eyebrow at her before walking toward her and grabbing her by her neck, pinning her to the wall beside the door behind her. Her eyes widened at my tight grip before I was pushed away from her at a force that had my back hit the grass floor. I shifted faster than she could process and went to attack her, however, she cracked the ground under my paws creating a minor Earthquake. “WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?” Mum’s voice boomed in the yard. Her eyes widened at the sight before her before she stood in front of Natalia, raising her hand to her to stop whatever she was doing. “Blake, shift” dad said, looking me in the eye. I growled at him, but he growled back letting me know that he was not kidding. He may have been alive and with his Luna, mum, he had let the position of Alpha go the second I turned eighteen. I shifted back to human, standing nude in front of him making him roll his eyes and throw me a pair of shorts. Where he had gotten them and why was beyond me, but I didn’t care to ask right now. “You brought me to marry a monster?” Natalia asked mum who pinched the bridge of her nose. “I could say the same thing about you, though how I haven’t caught your scent makes this seem a whole lot fishier, witch…” “I am not a witch” she snapped glaring at me. “Then?” “Get to know your creatures, mutt” she snapped. I growled exposing my canines. “ENOUGH! BOTH OF YOU!” Mum yelled at the two of us. “Your parents weren’t as honest either, Natalia” dad said looking at Natalia who looked away avoiding his eyes “what are you?” “An element manipulator” she said looking at dad. He raised an eyebrow at her and shook his head not believing her. “An element manipulator has her mark…” Natalia raised her hair and unzipped the back of her dress exposing her mark, or should I say marks. The woman had all four element symbols burned on her skin. “Proof enough?” she said calmly. Her dress’s zipper went up on its own, closing the dress before she put her hair down to look at us “why did you choose me as your wife, wolf?” “Alpha” I corrected, glaring at her. “You are THEIR Alpha, not mine” she said crossing her arms over her chest “shouldn’t you have your mate, or Luna…” My chest clenched at her words, and the whimper that my wolf let out told me that I should be getting out of here. I took a step back from mum’s grip and walked into the house past her. My eyes looked at my mate’s portrait for a second before going up the stairs to my room. She was right to question, I was supposed to be with my Luna, but that would require her to be alive for that to happen. I opened my veranda and walked out for some fresh air before I heard the bedroom door open. Mum’s scent filled the room, and it was seconds later when her arms wrapped around me from the back as she kissed between my shoulder blades “I told you that it was a bad idea…” “You didn’t even give the woman a chance” mum said softly. I turned around to face her, my eyes meeting hers as I ached for her feeling this helpless toward me. I cupped her cheeks and kissed her forehead before looking her in the eye. “I have said it once, mum, and I will say it again. Me and that woman will NEVER have anything to do with one another” I said making her silver eyes widen “the faster everyone gets that through their minds, the better”
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